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Krishna Janmasthami

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Krishna Janmasthami, is also known as "Krishnasthami",''Saatam Aatham","Gokulasthami","Astami Rohini","Sri Krishna Jayanti","Sree Jayanti'' or sometimes merely as "Janmashtami" is a Hindu Festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna , an avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu.  Smartha sects Celebrates the Janmashtami 2010 on September 1. And  the Vaishnava sects Celebrates Krishnashtami 2010 or Gokulashtami 2010 on September 2.
                                                        Lord Krishna was born on the Astami thithi(Eighth day) in Krishna Paksha during Shravan Month (August - september).It falls in Bhadrapad month as per North Indian Hindi Calendars.Lord Krishna's Nakshatra or Birthstar is Rohini Nakshatram.The main objective or the aim of Krishna's  Birth was to demolish the Kansa and his evil acts.Kansa is Krishna's Maternal Uncle.
                                    The ritual is to fast the previous day (Saptami,Seventh day ),which is followed  by a night-long-vigil commemorating the Birth of Krishna at midnight in the Jail where his maternal Uncle Kansa was keeping them captive and his immediate removal by his father Vasudeva to a Foster-home for safe keeping.

                                     At Mid-night ,the Idol of the  infant Krishna is bathed and adorned in  new clothes and Jewellery,placed in a cradle and worshipped.The fast is completed after Aarti , a special prayer.At day break ladies draw patterns of little children's footprints outside the house with rice-flour paste,walking towards the house.This symbolizes the entry of the  infant Krishna in to his Foster- home i.e; their homes.
                                 Rasa Lila or dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna are a special feature in regions of Mathura and Vrindavan, and regions following Vaishnavism in Manipur.While the Rasa Lila recreates the flirtatious aspects of Krishna's Youthful days.Govinda Pathaks or" Dahi Handi "celebrate the God's playful and mischievous side,where teams of youngmen form human pyramids to reach a high hanging pot of butter and break it.
                                             The Dahi Handi is celebrated with enormous Zeal and Enthusiasm.The Handi is a clay pot filled with Buttermilk that was positioned at a convenient height  prior to the event;the topmost person of the human pyramid tries to break the handi by hitting it with a blunt object,and when that happens ,the buttermilk is spilled over the entire group,Symbolizing their achievement through Unity.Various Handis are set up locally in several parts of the city ,and groups of Youngsters called as Govinda travel around in  trucks to break as many handis as possible during the day.
                                                 Many such Govinda Pathaks compete with eachother,especially for the Handis that dole out hefty rewards.The Event, in recent times , has gathered a political flavor and rich community groups to offer prizes amounting to lakhs of rupees.

                                      Janmashtami ,popularly known in Manipur as Krishna Janma ,is a significant festival celebrated at two temples in Imphal,the capital city of Manipur.The First Festival is at Govindhaji temple and the second is at the ISKCON temple.Devotees of Lord Krishna gather mostly at the ISKCON temple.

                                                            This Janmashtami festival Celebrates all over the World in Grand affair.A Large number of people ,who are part of the Hare Krishna Troupes organize Colorful events and Cultural Programs commemorating the birth of Lord  Krishna.It is the day for Family gatherings,Feasting ,enjoyment and offering of prayers to Lord Krishna,the absolute God.Pious Devotees gather the necessary items for worship from before hand,take holy bath and prepare for the midnight Janmashtami pooja.There after ,People and devotees visit the temples,some of which are dedicated solely to Shri Krishna in their nearby locality  to offer prayers and chant mantras.The worship symbolizes the birth of Shri Krishna.An Idol of Baby Krishna is put in a Cradle and Cronches are blown at the midnight hour.The deity is invoked and offered varied milk products to eat.On this day,Some people keep a  fast and break it only at the Pooja time.The day infact,begins and ends with the name of Lord Krishna.
                                                       We can find school Children in India ,participate fancy dress competitions like decorating like Lord Krishna  on this day,stage dramas ,discourses the teachings of Lord Krishna and hold "Naam Sankirtans" (Chanting the names of Sri Krishna).;play Dandiya dance and collect the prizes those who wins during this Festival.In the Evening at temples,Saints read the " Sri mad Bhagavad Gita" slokams to all the devotees and people .During this day we find People pray to the Cows also ,as if Lord Krishna always used to blow his flute standing among cows.



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