Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hi Friends, I hope you all have tied "Rakhis" to your Brothers and enjoyed their return gifts.I too enjoyed great and Celebrated with my brothers who are staying near by my home.Though I missed my own brothers for this Occasion first time living in Torrance; I had a great opportunity by these brothers to tie Rakhis which I bought it  them from " India" .So I would Like to share my snaps of the day and Moments with all of my Friends and Readers.
                                                              I prepared a Greeting Card of my own by writing a Message to my Brothers and kept it in an Envelope.In that Envelope, I had put them  a  Cashew nut,Almond & Raisin covered with a piece of Silver paper.Here is my Card:

                                                             I made 'Aloo Baath' &;  'Gulab Jamun' for my Sweet Brothers.All my brothers reached my home in the evening and I made them to have seated in a chair,applied kumkum (bottu) on their face and tied "Rakhi" on the wrist and tasted their mouth with sweet. And I had Blessings from them.My Brothers felt very Happy for tying threads to them.Moreover they gave me nice gifts .Those are Handbags and Fancy Neck chain.After my treat ,while they are leaving from my home ;I said "Bye Bye" Brothers by giving them my Envelope.They were surprised what's this?Next day morning I got Compliments from them saying words as "So Sweet Of U" & "Thank U" sister.These moments made me really Happy and Unforgettable.Have a Look towards my Brothers......
Showing their "Rakhi's" with sweet Smiles.....(Ganesh,Yogesh& Kasi)

Tying Rakhi to Tulasi Brother.

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