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Raksha Bandhan 2010

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Shravana Purnima's second Festival is "Raksha Bandhan"and the Celebrating date of this Year is on  August  24 i.e on Tuesday.Rakhi in India is a reflection of the rich culture and time honoured legacy of the Indian Traditions.Taking its root during Mythological time,Bhavishya Purana refers to a battle between Gods and Demons and Indra (The King of Gods) was feeling depressed.At that time Indra's wife Sachi took a thread ,charged it with sacred verses of Mantras for protection and tied it on Indra's hand.Through the strength of this thread Indra conquered his enemies.Since then till today this Festival is celebrated and is known the World over .
                                                         In India Rakhi is observed on Shravan Purnima (Full Moon Day) which falls in the months of July-August in the English Calendar.The Indian Calendar Festivals is subject to change ;hence Rakhi celebratrions also fall on the different dates of the English Calendar.The entire Nation Spruces up for the Festivities and Rakhi celebrations are quite distinct in the major Indian Cities.
                                                 Raksha Bandhan is also known as "Rakhi".Rakhi has become a sacred festival between brothers and sisters.Sisters tie them to their brothers.Priests tie them to people of his Congregation.During the middle ages,If a woman tied a Rakhi on the hand of any man,then it became imperative for him,as his religious duty of the highest order,to protect that Woman.That man would put his life at stake to protect the honour of that woman.

  In those days many Rajputs sacrified their lives to protect their Spiritual sisters.Humayun received a Rakhi from the Queen Karmavati of Chittoor and for that ,Humayun carried out his sacred brotherly duty and protected her by opposing his own soldiers.
                                        According to ancient traditions,it is customary to have protection threads that are charged with sacred Verses (Mantras) and sanctified with rice,durva grass etc; to have these tied by people who know the Vedas or by near and dear ones.This protection thread saves from sins on the one hand  and reemoves diseases on the other hand.By tying this thread,protection is afforded for a full one year and all kinds of fears are removed.
                                        Raksha Bandhan is now considered as a day to celebrate the sacred relation of a brother and a sister.It could be tied by  wife, a daughter or a Mother.The Rishis tied Rakhi to the people who cam eseeking their blessings.The sages tied sacred threads to themselves to safe guard from the evil.It isby all means the "Papa Todak, Punya Pradayak Parva" or the day that bestows boons and end all sins as it is mentioned in the Scriptures.
                                                  Previously, Rakhi festival encompasses the warmth shared between the siblings but now goes way beyond it.Some people tie Rakhi to neighbours and close friends signifying a peaceful co-existence of every individual.Rakhi Utsav was first popularized by "Rabindranath Tagore" to promote the feeling of Unity and a Commitment to all members of society to protect each other and encourage a harmonious social life.
                                                     The occasion involves a pledge of Life-time practice of ,moral,cultural and spiritual values.The values and the sentiments attached to the rituals of this festival are worth inculcating by the whole human race,the sentiments of harmony and peaceful co-existence .The festival of Raksha Bandhan assumes all forms of Raksha or Protection ,of righteousness and destroyer of all sin.The ritual of Rakhi tying has become so important  that come waht may,brothers and sisters try to visit each other place on this particular day ,In order to bring back the oneness of the family ,binding the family together in an emotional bond of Love.
                                            Now a days Rakhis are decorated with soft silky threads of Various colors, and  also with ornaments ,pictures ,gold and silver threads etc.Sisters can prepare a Greeting Card and gift for brothers with their Valuable Quotes and offer delicious sweets while tying Rakhis and brothers inturn give Return Gifts.These Rakhis enhance the artistry of the people.Within these Rakhis reside sacred feelings and well wishes.It is also a great sacred verse of Unity.Acting as a symbol of  life's advancement and a leading messenger of togetherness.
           Each person should celebrate with enthusiasm this sacred Festival of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan(Raksha=Protection . Bandhan=Tie).

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