Friday, August 20, 2010

Semiya Saggubiyyam Payasam/Kheer

           ***Happy "VaraLakshmi Vratam"***
                                     To All My Friends & Readers.
Hi Friends,
            Today is the Second Friday called "Sravana Sukravaram" and also known as "VaraLakshmi Vratam".All the married Ladies will be very busy in doing Vratam and giving Tambulams to the Sumangalis.As I missed the Celebrations of this festival at India with my Mother_in_law and Mother;I followed the same procedure of doing  Pooja and celebrating the festival in my home early in the morning.Actually for me the day before (Thursday) made me being full busy for collecting the pooja Items.I started  my pooja early in the morning by doing "Gouramma" &"Vinayakudu"with Turmeric Paste and read the Sthotrams and Sang Songs to the Goddess and took Blessings from my Husband.I remebered the Sayings of my mother when I was in Childhood .She always wanted my help in doing pooja and I used to say If u done Pooja well You will be married with a Nice person.Anyhow I followed her all the time in doing Poojas and I am blessed with Happy & Good Husband.Today I prepared "Lemon Rice"&"Semiya /Saggubiyyam Payasam" and took it in a bowl and offered it to Goddess as  Naivedyam and partaked with my friends and gave Tambulam(Betel leaves with Betel Nut and Fruit) to the Married Ladies and had their blessings.But I really not expected how the Pooja will be done and worried about Flowers and Betel Leaves for the day.Anyhow I collected the Flowers from near by my friends houses and the Betel leaves from my Close Friend "Rohini". I  am remebering the memories of this Festival celebrated with my Mom before Married and  Mother_in_law after my marriage ,They both made me learn the Devotional songs and how to perform the Pooja.Without being with them, this is My First" VaraLakshmi Vratam" festival being Celebrating with my Friends at my home in Torrance. And I wish U All to have the Blessings and Grace of Goddess "VaraLakshmi".
                                                         So friends I share some of my snaps with all of U and I would also Like to know about the "Kheer" which was the Common Sweet item from Our Grandparents time to till our time offering to God for every Festival /Occasion in South Indian Families.

  • Semiya/Vermicelli-1/4 cup
  • Sago/Saggubiyyam/Sabhudana-1/4 cup(Small or Large size depends of ur Choice)
  • Ghee-1tsp
  • Grated  Jaggery/Sugar-1/2cup
  • Milk-5cups boiled
  • Water-
  • Elachi-2pods powdered
  • Raisins-6
  • Almonds-6
  • Cashews-6
  • Water-2cups
Cooking Directions:
  • Take a pan and heat it in a low flame and add ghee.
  • Add the nuts and raisins ,let it fry til they are brown color and remove it in to a bowl and keep it a side.
  • Now add the vermicelli in the same pan ,fry it and keep it aside.
  • Wash the Sago /Saggubiyyam and drain all the water.  If the Sago Size is Large ,soak it in the water for 1hr .(No need to soak if Sago is small)
  • Take a Nonstick pan or Vessel or a Pressure Cooker ,add water and boil it.
  • Pour Saggubiyyam in to it and cook it till it becomes  transparent or soft .Keep stirring with a spatula in the middle of cook ,so that the Sago do not stick to the pan or a cooking vessel.(Allow to cook for 2whistles in the pressure cooker)
  • Add boiled milk to the Sabhudana and add Vermicelli and keep stirring it till it turns soft or it is done.
  • Turn off the flame.
  • Now add the Sugar/Jaggery and Elachi powder to the Payasam and mix well.
  • Add al the fried Nuts and Raisins and Mix it.
  • Take Payasam in to a bowl and Offer to GOD and then You can have it either Hot or Cold.
Semiya Saggubiyyam Kheer
  • Do not boil Sago directly in the milk,Sometimes have chances to break milk So I boiled in water as I trained for my mother made me easy.
  • Boiled milk makes cooking recipe easy.
  • Add Jaggery for Kids to taste Good.

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