Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi Friends,I am ready to post my New Recipe today.Actually this Variety dish was tasted by me from One of my Friend Swati,who stays near by my house.I Thanks Swati for Sharing her Recipe.I tried and it was very simple and easy; My kid Liked most.So For the Third "Shravana Sukravaram"(Shravana Friday) I prepared this "Sweet Roti"and I hope You would also Like it.

  • WheatFlour-1 cup
  • Sugar-1/3 cup
  • Elachi Pods-2powdered
  • Ghee or Oil to Cook Rotis
  • Sufficient water to make a dough
  • Make a pilable soft dough with the Wheatflour by adding water and keep it covered atleast  for 15mins.
  • Take a bowl ,add Sugar and Elachi powder and mix up well with a spoon.
  • Take a small Lemonsized ball from the dough and roll out in to a small circle with a rolling pin.
  • Place about1 1/2 tbsp of Sugar mixture in the center of the rolled out dough and fold the ends of the dough over the mixture pressing it gently to seal it.
  • Roll out this dough again to a thick pancake sized circle.
         (This time do not roll the dough with pressure,sugar mix may comes out)
  • Heat Tawa or Griddle and place the Roti on it and cook it on both sides by applying a little Ghee or Oil.
  • Serve hot as a Snack or Side dish.
  • Observe the Sugar syrup not to flow outside while heating Roti.
  • This can be stored for 3days .

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