Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Little Krishna From U.S

Hi friends,On the eve of  Lord "Sri Krishna" Birthday i.e; Sri Krishna Janmashtaami,I decorated my kid as Small "Krishna" with dressing him by all Jewels, and Dhoti by Using Chunni.I am unable to get the Peacock-leaf to my Little Krishna (Neelesh) .So I did it by using a small paper ,coloring with colors and Kum-Kum for shining .My preparation went well and good.I pasted the Coloured paper to a small card-board piece ,with a glue,and on the bottom I inserted a Tooth pick for support .This made me to put on my boy hair. I had the foot prints of my kid Neelesh with Rice-flour paste,He visited some of my friends home and offered them Sweet Butter Balls.He was enjoyed the sounds of Flute made by him .So I would like to share my Little Krishna snaps of the day with all my Blog -Readers,Friends and Family members.I hope You would enjoy these Snaps.

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  1. Cute Krishna ........Happy 2 see u.

  2. wow he is really looking like Krishna...

  3. Thank u Sai,He z my Cute & Naughty Krishna..So he had name Neelesh (allariKrishnudu).

  4. pinni, he lost weight ? is he not eating anything ? i can see a big change in him...


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