Monday, September 13, 2010

Vinayaka Chavithi Festival - 2010

Hi Friends,Hope All have Celebrated The Vinayaka Chavithi Festival ,and Worshipped The Lord Ganesha.I too Celebrated happily and enjoyed the day being almost busy before day evening and on Festival day.I Like this Festival most ,since from my Childhood .Because ,this is a Big Festival and also the day for preparing a lot of dishes for God,after Naivedyam I enjoy  the taste of variety recipes cooked by my Mom.I am unforgettable my days for this festival before my Marriage with my parents celebrating with great enjoyment.My father used to bring The Clay Idol of Ganesha in the early morning,he decorated the gate-way of the house (Gummamu,Entrance) with Mango leaves, and Plantain Leaves.He used to decorate the Roof for God ("Paalavelli") with flowers and fruits nicely.My mom used to wake me up early in the morning,trained me to clean the door-way ("Vaakili") with water and trained me putting the Kolam (Muggulu) and Coloring it. My Daddy used to read the Pooja story ,and I used to listen him ,and offered leaves,flowers,Turmeric ,Kumkum to God.I enjoyed the sound of metallic bell during Haarati.I remember my little brother and me used to fight for ringing the bell at the time of Haarati.  By seeing and Learning all these things from My Parents ,it made me easy to perform the Pooja for the "Vinayaka Chaviti Festival".I am feeling very happy Knowing all these things from my Loving parents and implementing the same after my Marriage.This is my First Vinayaka Chavithi festival Celebrated in Torrance at my residence.As I am not In India,I tried to perform the Pooja Like in India.I collected all the Pooja items before day only like flowers,Coconuts,leaves etc. and cleaned the house and decorated the entrance with Garland ,drawn Kolam and applied Turmeric paste and KumKum to the Gate-way.So, I got the Clay Idol of Ganesha ,Prepared Paalavelli(Roof for God) with the help of Ice-Cream sticks,decorated with fruits and flowers,I made my small wooden stool like a small Pooja mandir by reversing it,decorating with some chains.I placed my small "Ganesha" inside by placing a raw rice in the Plantain leaf,wearing the cotton thread to the God,decorated him with Sandal and Kumkum,small Ganapati also made with Turmeric paste and along with my husband and my kid did pooja well by reading all the Slokas,Mantras,story.Me and  My Husband made my boy Neelesh to drop Leaves,Flowers,Akshintalu (Raw rice mixed with turmeric powder) to God while reading Mantras and he did this job very well.Breaked Coconut,and did Haarati(Lighting the Camphor ,rotating clockwise to God,ringing a metallic bell along with it).  I Kept new clothes infront of God by applying little turmneric powder to the edges of clothes and placed Taambulam ( Betel-Leaves and Betel Nut).I prepared Some variety of dishes and offered it for "Naivedyam".After the completion of My Pooja,I invited some friends to see my Little Ganesha and to have Prasadam.I distributed "Undralu" for small kids.All of my friends liked my Decoration to the God.,again in the evening also I performed pooja and Haarati, and made the God to sleep for night.Nextday morning ,after lighting the Oil lamps,I immersed the Idol body in a small tub with water.(Nimmarjan).So friends ,I enjoyed a great this festival .I feel very Happy to share  my Festival celebrations in my Blog with all of You.So friends ,You would also have a look to my" Little Ganesha " and have  a Darshan.Here are the snaps...

My " Naivedyam" Menu List for the Day is:

  • Vadapappu (Moong dal soaked in water)
  • Paanakam (Jaggery soaked in water mixed with Cardamon pods)
  • Chalimidi (Riceflour mixed with Jaggery and shaped out to form small balls
  • Biyyamu(Rice)  Ravva Undrallu
  • Coconut & Coconut Water.
  • Rice Pudding ( Biyyamu Paravaannam)
  • Tamarind Rice
  • Daddojanam with Rice.
  • Semiya Kesari
  • Minapa Garelu
  • Kothimeer & Tmarind Chutney
  • Plain Rice
  • Tomato daal
  • Capsicum & Carrot Curry
  • Tomato Rasam
  • Papad (Appadam/Appalam), Sago Vadiyalu,Butter Chillies
  • Plain daal ( Muddapappu)
  • Ghee
  • Salt,Curd & Water.
"Jai Bolo Ganesh Maharaaj Ki Jai"
Ganapati Bappa Moriya ..Agli Bhaar Jaldi aah.

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