Sunday, October 10, 2010

4th day of DeviNavaratri Alamkaram & Prasadam

On the Fourthday of Navarathri Kanaka Durga is decorated as ANNAPOORNA,and the date is on 11th October 2010 on Monday.  Annapoorna devi is the one who provides the ANNAM ( the food ) and maintains the lifecycle of not just the creatures on this earth but of the whole universe. And this devi resides for ever in the SMASANA BHOOMI called the KASHI and she is the divine consert of VISHVESHWARA who is the father of this universe.

The inner meaning of this Alankaram is that DEVI protects the universe in the form of Annapoorna and she grants the PRADHAMA BHIKSHA to the AADI BIKSHU SIVA and she strives hard to protect the universe by providing food so she shows that the best DAANAM is ANNA DAANAM and who ever donates food is a form of that DEVI and let us follow the foot steps of DEVI and do NITHYA ANNA DAANA .We observe Lord shiva also during this Alankaram at temples ,having Food from Devi.So in India,many places at the Annadaanam Satram,Temples feeding Devotees with Free food,use to follow to read the "Annapoorna devi stotram" while taking the food first.

The Prasadam for the day is Pongali ~ BiyyamParavaannam ~ Rice Pudding

  • Rice-1cup(Basamati or Sonamasoori)(Soaked in water for 10minutes)
  • Milk-2cups
  • Water-1/2cup
  • Grated jaggery-1cup or added more for sweetness
  • Elachipowder-1/2tsp
  • Cashew,Raisins& almonds-few
  • Ghee-1tbsp
  • Take pan ,heat with ghee and roast all the nuts &Raisins.Keep this aside.
  • Bring the milk and pour in to vessel and boil it.
  • When it starts boiled ,drain all the water from rice and add it.
  • Cook the rice till becomes soft and cooked and be mushy.
  • Now add the grated jaggery and stir well.
  • Keep the gas in lowflame & make sure not to stick the bottom of the vessel.
  • After adding the Jaggery,the rice changes its color and releases the aroma.
  • Add the Elachipowder & roasted nuts.
  • Serve it either Hot or Cool.
  • During this day Goddess likes to hear the Devotees or People to read "Annapoorna Stotram".So friends this Link may helps to pray & read.

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