Thursday, October 14, 2010

8th day of Devi Alamkaram ~ Sri Durga Devi


Durgashtami Puja or Durga Ashtami pooja, also called as Mahashtami or Veerashtami, is the main festival observed during Durga Navratri Pooja. Durga Ashtami 2010 date is October 15th. Durgashtami, also known as Maha Ashtami or Veerashtami, is celebrated on eighth day during Ashwin month (Ashwayuja Shukla Ashtami).

Rituals, Customs and Pujas to observe on Durgashtami:

Goddess Mahagauri is the Navadurga mata to worship on Durgashtami day. Maha Gauri Puja is also one of the main pujas to perform on Durgashtami. Durga is worshipped in the form of Maha Gauri on Durga Ashtami day. In some places, Goddess Bagala or Goddess Narayani is worshipped on Durgashtami.

In Andhra Pradesh, a special regional festival called Bathukamma Panduga (Bathukamma Festival) is observed. Bathukamma Visarjanam (nimajjanam) is performed on Durgashtami. In 2010, Bathukamma Festival is celebrated on October 15.

On Durgashtami, Ayudha Puja or Astra pooja is performed. Ayudha Puja ritual is celebrated on Vijaya Dashami or Dasara in some places of India. The mechanical operators, electrical operators and the articles which are used in professional life are worshipped during Ayudha Puja or Asthra pooja. In some places, Ayudha Puja is observed on Mahanavami or Durga Navami.

Durgashtami is the third day in five-day Durga Pooja celebrations in Bengal. On Mahashtami day, Kanya Puja or Kumari Pooja is observed in Bengal.

Durgashtami significance ~ Legend Associated with Mahashtami:

Durga Ashtami, also known as Mahashtami or Veera Ashtami, is the eighth day of Durga Navratri. Durga Ashtami is very significant as per the Hindu beliefs and the legend associated with Durga Navratri Ashtami. Durga Ashtami 2010 date is October 15.

On Ashwin Krishna Ashtami day, Goddess Bhadrakali, the powerful and fierce form of Mother Goddess, was incarnated. She appeared along with Yogini ganas to annihilate demon Mahishasur. In Sanskrit ‘Durga means the undefeatable. Goddess Bhadrakali appeared with 64 Yogini Shaktis and some other fierce Goddesses to strike fear in Mahishasura. On Mahanavami, she became Mahishasura Marshini by slaying the demon. Because of this reason, the main rituals related to Durga Navratri are performed on Durgashtami.

On Durgashtami, devotees offer food and other dakshina or santarpana to Brahmin. Suhasini Pooja is also performed on this day in some regions. Kumari Puja is observed on Mahashtami in some places. On Durga Ashtami, in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh, Batukamma festival is celebrated.

During this day reading or chanting or Listening theDurga Sotras,Songs is very auspicious.To  know to read and hear.Click below.
Some people used to obey "Bhavani Deeksha " also during these Saran Navaratri time.

                   Happy Durga Ashtami to all of you.

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