Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bendakaaya Pulusu ~ LadiesFingers Acidity

This variety of dish was trained by my Mother.She cooks very tasty . I learned from her after my marriage.Lastweek I got Luckily fresh Ladies fingers from the Grocery shop.Next ,today I cooked for my lunch menu.Moreover,there is a saying In India from Elders and Teachers to the school children that "Eating of Ladies Fingers will increase memory in doing Mathematics".I am afraid in Maths subject in my school days& believe to eat.So I used to ask my Mom to do always  Ladies fingers Fry,Curry and this pulusu.So friends,you can also do and taste it.

  • Ladies Fingers/Bhendi/Bendakayalu-6no
  • Onion-1no chopped
  • Tomato-1no chopped
  • Greenchillies-2 no chopped
  • Turmeric/Haldi/Pasupu-a pinch
  • Redchillipowder-1/2tbsp
  • Sugar/Jaggery- a pinch for sweetness
  • Tamarind juice-1/3 cup
  • Water-1 to 1 1/2 cup
  • Coriander powder/Dhaniya powder-1/2tbsp
  • Coriander/Kothimeer/Cilantro leaves-few handfuls
  • Oil-1tbsp
  • Cuminseeds-1/2tsp
  • Mustard seeds-1/2tsp
  • Hing/Inguva/Asafoetida- a pinch
  • Redchillies-2 breaked
  • Curryleaves-4
Cooking process:
  • Take the Ladies fingers,Clean with water and dry it by rubbing with a cloth.
  • Remove the starting and end points.
  • Cut in to small pieces and leave it open for atleast 5minutes to avoid stickyness.
  • Meanwhile take a vesel/Pan /Pressure cooker,heat with oil.
  • Add the cuminseeds,Mustard seeds and when they starts popping,add turmeric,redchillies and curryleaves.
  • Roast it and then add Hing.
  • Add the choped onions,Greenchillies and tomatoes ;saute them well.
  • Now add the Ladies fingers pieces and turn with spatula.
  • Add tamarind Juice,water,coriander powder,Redchilipowder,Jaggery/Sugar and mix well.
  • Adjust with salt and cook it for a few minutes,till the pieces gets cooked and pulp gets boiling.
  • Allow to cook it for 2whistles in the pressure cooker.
  • Garnish with a few leaves of Kothimeer and serve hot with Rice.

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