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Dasara Sharan Navaratri ~ 2010

Sri Kanaka Durga Ammavaru.
Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami,Dasara or Dashain) is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.The beginning oif the spring and the beginning of the autumn are two very important junctions of climatic  and solar Influence.The Dasara festival usually falls around September,October and November.The Navaratri festival has to be celebrated during the bright fortnight of the month of Asvina . The date Changes every year depending on the movements of the Planets.So the dates of festival are determined according to the Lunar Calendar.This year 2010, Devi Navaratri starts from October 8th  to October 17th.One more event is at  Tirupati temple ,Brahmvotsavalu takes palce.

Navaratri,the festival of nights,lasts for ninedays with three days each devoted to worship of Ma Durga,the Goddess of Valor,Ma Lakshmi,the Goddess of Wealth Ma Saraswati,the Goddess of Knowledge1st - 3rd day of Navratri

On the first day of the Navaratras, a small bed of mud is prepared in the puja room of the house and barley seeds are sown on it. On the tenth day, the shoots are about 3 - 5 inches in length. After the puja, these seedlings are pulled out and given to devotees as a blessing from god. These initial days are dedicated to Durga Maa, the Goddess of power and energy. Her various manifestations, Kumari, Parvati and Kali are all worshipped during these days. They represent the three different classes of womanhood that include the child, the young girl and the mature woman.

4th - 6th day of Navratri

During these days, Lakshmi Maa, the Goddess of peace and prosperity is worshipped. On the fifth day which is known as Lalita Panchami, it is traditional, to gather and display all literature available in the house, light a lamp or 'diya' to invoke Saraswati Maa, the Goddess of knowledge and art.

7th - 8th day of Navratri

These final days belong to Saraswati Maa who is worshipped to acquire the spiritual knowledge. This in turn will free us from all earthly bondage. But on the 8th day of this colourful festival, yagna (holy fire) is performed. Ghee (clarified butter), kheer (rice pudding) and sesame seeds form the holy offering to Goddess Durga Maa.


The festival of Navratri culminates in Mahanavami. On this day Kanya Puja is performed. Nine young girls representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped. Their feet are washed as a mark of respect for the Goddess and then they are offered new clothes as gifts by the worshiper. This ritual is performed in most parts of the country.

In Hinduism ,the adherents beleieve in one omnipresent Deity but may worship Her/Him in any of the numerous manifestations that are prevelant all over India.Navaratri represents the celebration of Goddess Durga ,the manifestation of Deity in form of Shakti {Energy or Power}.Dasahara meaning 'ten days' becomes dussehra in popular parlance.The Navaratri festival or 'Nine day festival'  becomes 'Ten day Festival' with the addition of the last day, Vijayadashami which is its culmination.On all these ten days Mother Durga is worshipped in various forms with fervour and devotion.

Dasara Sharan Navaratris Festival are the  biggest and most celebrated festive season to Goddess Durga Devi temple,located at Vijayawada in India,Andhrapradesh.Sri Kanaka Durga Devi,the chief deity of the temple is portrayed as  blessing the visiting devotees in various forms (Avatars) during the ten day festival.A symbolic representation of the 10 forms of triumph good over evil,this form known as "Alnkaram" of the day is chosen as the astrological star of each day in accordance to the Lunar calendar.Every year devotees are being blessed with the schedule of Alankarams followed by the temple and different temples perform Alankarams according to their Custom ,so we find Various forms .But they perform all the 10 avatars to Goddess Durga.

Durga Temple Gopuram covering with Gold.

  The abode of Kanaka Durga ,goddess of power,riches and benevolance,is the presiding deity of the City.The deity in the Kanaka Durga temple is regarded as Swayambhu or self- manifested ,hence is considered very powerful.It is said that Adishankara visited this temple and installed the Sri Chakra here.The beauty of this temple is seen to be believed. The temple is situated on a hill on the banks of the Krishna river. The origin or installation of Kanaka - durga Devi at Vijayawada is unknown. She is said to be Swayambu or selfmanifest. She also takes the aspect of Chandi or destroyer of the demon Durgama who was causing havoc among the peace - loving inhabitants of Dakshinapatha.Mother Kanakadurgeswari seated atop the Indrakilaparvatha at Vijayawada is the supreme Goddess of Andhra Pradesh, attracting lakhs of tourists since time immemorial. This temple occupies a covetable place in the scriptures; for several of the Sivalilas and Saktimahimas were enacted on and around it, making the region a place of unparalleled spiritual eminence of everlasting significance. The top of the temple "Gopuram" is covered with gold.In the Kanaka Durga temple ,we see Malleshwara swamy temple(Lord shiva) too.So the temple name being called as "Sri Durga Malleshwara Swamy Temple".Near the steps we see various gods idols also like Saraswati,Ganapathi,Naagendra swamy temple and Addala mandapam (Mirror Mandap) .Here ,we can see the Goddess seated in a cradle and the Poojari reads our Gothram and name ; and is fully covered with mirrors.We need to purchase a ticket and have a look .In Vijayawada,many temples are being decorated colorfully and many Poojas,Archanas,wil be conducted.On the streets ,Goddess Idols are placed and perform the pooja all the 10 days.

At the end of Navaratri,on the Vijayadashami day,"Tepphotsavam",a boat festival is being performed by placing the Idol of Goddess in the boat made with swan shape called as "Hamsa Vaahanam" and go for few rounds in the Krishna river.People from far places comes to visit .

"Teppothsavam" ~ Boat Festival.

Not only in Vijayawada,takes more significance to celebrate this festival,temples all over in India too celebrate.During these days we find the temples are specially painted with colors and great decorations ,work being done atleast before few months.We can see people with devotion rush to temples regularly to have a Darshan and to see the Avataram or Alankaram.Temple streets wil be full of rush with the devotees.Different varieties of Naivedyams or Prasadams are offered to God and in the houses ,many people also eat only Vegetarian food (Saathvik) not taking any Non-vegetarian food and in the food no ginger,garlic and onions .Doing Poojas and inviting near by friends to do prayer and reading Ashtotrams .As I am from Vijayawada,I know very well as if I followed some customs during this festival,everday cleaning the home,applying turmeric,kumkum to the door way gate,decorating with Muggu/Kolams,Taking head bath,wearing the new clothes,helping to Mother in doing Prasadams,doing Pooja regularly,reading the Ashtotrams to Kanaka Durga devi to the Particular Alankaram.After completing ,on the whole day ,I used to attend Kanaka Durga temple to see the Avtaram and to get blessings.During the nine days of Navaratri ,feasting and fasting take precedence over all normal dialy activities amongst the Hindus.Evenings give rise to the religious dances inorder to Worship Goddess Durga Maa.Temples provide Free Food (Annadanam) as Naivedyam to devotees  during the Nine days of Navaratri.

So,I wish you all the readers and friends to celebrate the Navaratri festival with great devotion and to have the blessings from the Goddess Durga Maata and you might also have a great look to my "Devi Navaratri " Naivedyams which I am going to post .

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