Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Peanut Balls ~ Groundnut Balls

This is a very popular snack item sold as "Pappundalu" (Telugu) in small shops near by schools and Sweet shops too and everyone can bring back Childhood memories.I enjoyed this when I was studying in school & having this snack item at my break time (Interval) in the school.Even ate a lot during Pregnant time at my Mom's Place.This cost was one rupee In India when I was studying.Kids like this very much and  also easy for Mommies to make this snack for anytime for the kids running around Crazy.So friends ,again to remember and eat this groundnut balls,I tried for my kid for this Diwali.Being Mom,how my Mom made delicious sweets for all the Festivals ,I am following her steps in cooking and feeling happy to make for my kid.Here goes my recipe.

  • Roasted Peanuts-1cup
  • Jaggery-1cup
  • Elachipowder-a pinch (optional)
  • Ghee-3to 4 tbsp
  • Water -little if needed
  • Dry roast the peanuts in a pan,till they are wel cooked.You can know they are done when the outer skin starts having black spots.The technique lies in rotating the peanuts well and not allowing them to rest on the hot kadai / pan.This way they get cooked by the heat at the same time not get burnt.
  • Cool Peanuts & remove the skin.
  • Now take a vessel and heat with ghee,add the grated jaggery and little water and make a syrup.
  • Add Elachipowder and roasted nuts .
  • Mix them all well .
  • Make a small size balls when the mixture is warm.
  • Cool it and store in a Air-tightcontainer or in a glass Jar with Lid.
  • You can follow to cook the same procees with Sugar syrup instead of Jaggery.
  • Shift the mixture in the plate rubbing with ghee and can cut in to small pieces also.
  • The same balls can be made with senagapappu/Chick peas,Cashewnuts also of ur own choice of Syrup either with sugar or Jaggery.

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