Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aloo & Oats Halwa ~ Potato & Oats Halwa

This sweet Halwa can be made very easy and kids and every one almost can like as the combination of Potato with Oats makes tasty/ delicious.Oats are one of the excellent & Nutritious foods and the Oat is a very helpful diet food for weight loss and constant intake of Oat can reduce teh risk of obesity and helps to maintain healthy weight. Oat bran,Oat meal and teh whole oat products are the excellent sources of soluble/insoluble fibres,proteins,vitamins E,A,B,iron,Zinc,Calcium,Minerals etc and also it contains some essential amino acids which helps to facilitate optimum functioning of the body.It is a very good Nutritious food for all ages.

  • Boiled Poataoes - 2 no
  • Oats Powder-1 cup
  • Ghee -tsp
  • Milk-1/4 cup
  • Sugar-1cup
  • Elachi Powder -1tsp
  • Cashews - few
  • Take a bowl and mash the boiled potatoes and keep it aside.
  • Heat a pan with ghee and rost the Cashews & Keep it a side.
  • Now in the same pan,shift the poattao mash and stir.
  • Add the milk and mix well,Now add teh sugar and keep the gas in low flame.
  • Stir well till all the added sugar melts and the mixture gets thicken & Closer.
  • Now add the Oats & roasted Cashews to it and mix well.Let it be for 2mins  & add the Elachi powder.
  • Take a plate ,apply the ghee and shift these mixture and allow to spread completely on the plate.Garnish with some more cashews on its top and cut it  in to desired pieces & You can take by serving in to a plate.

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