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Chakraalu is one of the Famous Festive traditional South India item.Chakraalu is also known as Murukku or Janthikalu.Its preparation is simple if the Murukku Press is available and if not also we can done it by passing the dough like a thread and forming a circular shape. This is an all time snack item for kids and elders.Children can enjoy its crackling sound while eating and even me too when I am a Kid.Now enjoying it by seeing when my kid eats it.I am sure all the South Indian people almost like this and it goes well as a Tasty tea time snack .I remember well this item was prepared specifically during the "Pongal /Sankranthi" Festival and my school Vaccation time by my Grand Mother when I reach her for the holidays.So friends , I am posting for you all  for the upcoming" Pongal " festival .Try and Enjoy!!

  • Rice flour/Biyyam Pindi-3 cups
  • Besan flour/Gram flour/Senagapindi-1 cup
  • Red chillipowder according to taste
  • Ajwaiin/Vaamu-2tsps
  • Hot cooking oil-little
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for frying
Apparatus: Murukku Press & Plastic Sheet

Murukku Press Instrument
  • Take vessel or bowl ,Mix the Rice flour,Besan flour,Ajwaiin,salt,and red chilli powder and mix well using little water at a time.
  • While mixing the dough add little hot oil and mix it well to form a soft dough.
  • Heat the oil in a deep pan for frying.
  • Divide the dough in to small portions and place the small dough in to the Murukku press by fixing it with the desired shapes.
  • Press these directly in to the oil or you can press them on a Plastic sheet and place them in the oil.
  • Fry the  chakraalu  till golden brown.
  • Use this dough for making various shapes of chakraalu.
  • Drain the excess oil by placing these Chakraalu on a Paper Napkin.
  • Cool and store it an air -tight container and are ready to eat anytime of the day.
The below are the various shapes of chakralu made by the dough.
Ribbon Pakodi
Sanna Karappusa

  • Replace the Besan With Urad dal (Minapa Pindi) to get a different vesrsion.
  • Also can try with the Millet flour and you can add little quantity of melted butter for taste.
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