Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Telugu Kids Rhymes & Poems

Hi Friends, apart from the recipes I want to know all about some kids rhymes usually sung by Telugu Parents for their kids .I still remember some of those beautiful Rhymes which I have learned and  started  telling to my Kid.Every Infant and Kids attract to their Mother's voice and beautiful sayings and with interestingly they concentrate to learn what they says.I always like the Old & New telugu kids rhymes which I came to know from school ,Mother , Grand Mother and from the Internet.Some I came to know from my Sister-in-Law.Hope you may also know well all these as these are very comonly sung in India for  the kids while making to sleep ,feeding and for bed time as a Lullabies adding tunes also.So have a look and remember back childhood memories and enjoy now with your Lovely Kids.....

 Chinni Krishna / Chetha Venna Mudda

Chetha venna mudda
Chemgalva poodamda
Bangaru Molathadu
Pattu Datti
Samdita Taayettulu
Sarimuvva Gajjelu
Chinni Krushna Ninnu Ney Cheri Koluthu

Allari Pilla

Devudi Gudiki Vellanu                                                               Khanguna Ghantanu Kottanu
Jey ji ki Dandam Pettanu
Haarathi Kallaku Addhanu
Manchi Buddini Immani
Manasu Ninduga Vedanu
Intiki Vasthoo Daariloo
Arati Pallaku Edchanu!!

Thaarangam Thaarangam

                       Thaarangam Thaarangam Thandava krishna Thaarangam
                     Allari krishna Thaarangam Pillala Krishna Thaarangam
                   Muddula Krishna Thaarangam Muripaala Krishna Thaarangam
                   Madhava Krishna Thaarangam Yashodha Krishna Thaarangam
                    Venunadha Thaarangam Venkataramana Thaarangam
                     Radha Krishna Thaarangam Ramaneeya Krishna Thaarangam
                     Gopala Krishna Thaarangam Gokula Naadha Thaarangam
                    Venna Donga Thaarangam Chinni Krishna Thaarangam
               Chinmaya Roopa Thaarangam Chidvilasa Thaarangam
                Viswamanthayu Tharaangam Neevenayya Thaarangam

Usually these "Tharaangam" is sung by mothers by their kids by raising the kids hands and rotating the fingers.Some may sing while playing with the rattle or in the Cradle/Swing while moving them.

                Chuku Chuku Railu            

 Chuku Chuku Railu Vasthundi
Dooram Dooram Jaragandi
Aagina tharuvata Ekkandi
Jojo Papayi Edavaku
Laddu Mittaii Tinipistha
Kammani Paalu Taagistha

 The above one is a playing time rhyme sing by kids or parents by forming a line standing on back and catching the above kid and moving like a train.

Ugaadi panduga Vachindi

Ugaadi Panduga Vachindi
Vooriki andham Techindi 
Utsavalatho devullandaruku voorygimpulu saagaayi
Vooreygimpulu Saagaayi

Ugaadi Panduga Vachindi 
Vooriki andham Techindi
Panchangaalanu Chadivinchi
Manchi Cheddalu Vinnamu..Manchi Cheddalu Vinnamu

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