Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

"Mother's can Look through a Child's eyes and see tomorrow".


Mother’s Day which is celebrated throughout the world to honor mothers and motherhood was created by Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia. The holiday nowadays are widely commercialized and considered as a “Hallmark Holiday”.

According to some scholars, the concept of Mother’s Day was celebrated even in the ancient Greece to honor Rhea, the mother of the gods. Some say, that during the early days, the Christians used to celebrate Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday of Lent to honor Mary, the mother of Christ as well as to all the mothers.


Mother’s Day is celebrated all throughout the world to mark the unconditional love that they give to all her children and expect nothing in return. Mothers only wish their children’s well being and Mother’s Day is the celebrated to pamper, love and care them with all the love that the children have for their mothers. The celebration though a Western concept gained much popularity with time and its huge commercial success. Every country has set a particular date as the Mother’s Day which is celebrated in its own way with the same idea to make the mothers and their motherhoods special and unique.


People celebrate this day with fanfare and the children in the house try their level best to make their Mothers happy like making the breakfast or cleaning the house.They even give valuable gifts and are treated with delicacies made specially for their  Moms.Some Children makes a greeting card by themselves and greet with it to their Mother.



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