Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Made Sun-Dried Potato Chips

This is an very easy and interesting food item which can be eaten as a favourite snack as a whole .In the Super markets the ingredient is the same i.e;Potato and only the addition of flavours varies.Every kid passes their childhood  with some Sweet memories regarding many things.In the same way this chips also makes to enjoy while eating and make us fun.

I know this Home made preparing Potato chips when I was studying in school from my Mom.She makes a lot during the month of Summer and I enjoy them whenever I want it .One interesting thing I used to do is Never helped Mom while arranging the Potatoes in the sheet of paper under the sun,but used to run when mom says to bring the dried chips at evening time.Because I used to eat those dried chips few  from the sheet .It is my funny memory.

So friends,the availability of Potatoes is main and also the heat of sun.So plan to have on a Sunny day as it helps to dry the chips soon by 2days.You can also have fun with your kids if they help you.Any how they help  you once it was fried in the Oil and served means.For this Home made Potato chips the flavor you can mix them is the red chili powder & salt.

So friends hurry up those who want to try this and enjoy with your family and have Fun.

  • Potatoes - as many as you needed
  • Salt
  • Water
  • A potato slicer
  • Plastic sheet
  • Wash the Potatoes under water and scrub them well to remove dirt.
  • You can peel it if it is hard to remove dirt.
  • Slice the potatoes in to thin round circles.Do not slice them very thin.
  • Mean while ,boil the water by adding 1/2 tsp of salt for around 10 potatoes slices.
  • Make sure that the water quantity should be enough for the slices and they should submerge in the water.
  • When the water comes to a rolling boil with bubbles.
  • Turn off the heat and set the water container a side.
  • Now add the sufficient slices in to this salt water and cover it for about 10  minutes.
  • Then drain all the water .
  • Arrange the plastic sheet in the sun.Spread the potato slices and arrange the slice separately inorder not to be crowded.(This takes little time to arrange)
  • This makes us to have individually when fried in oil without sticking the slices more than one.
  • Let them dry in the sun and get them back in the evening time and check them if is dried completely in 1 day no need to dry them in the Next day.
  • Once it was completely dried remove carefully the dried Chips and store them in an Air-Tight Container.
  • Home Made Sun dried Potato Chips are ready!!!
These chips can be served by frying them in few seconds and can eat them whenever we want .

How to Cook them:
  • Heat a pan with sufficient oil for the chips.
  • Add a few dried chips ,take care not to be crowded.
  • Fry them and it would take only a few seconds to fry.
  • Take them in to a paper towel.
  • Sprinkle some salt and the Chili powder on the fried chips.
  • Serve it along with the meals or eat them as a snack.
  • Enjoy it!!


  1. fav came perfect...dear great work...

  2. My fav chips.My mom used to make these all the time.


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