Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy India Republic Day Wishes

In triumph & in tragedy
One Nation, under God 
And pledge allegiance to the flag of our Motherland.
And to the republic for which it stands,
With liberty and justice for all,
United we stand.

India is proud to Celebrate its 63rd Republic Day.

Divya's Cooking Journey Wishes the Nation & all the Indians with a Very Happy Republic Day.

Enjoy this great day remembering our National Heroes & the Leaders who fought for this day & struggled for the Constitution and turned India in to a Republican Country.

I remember my Celebrations in India When I was a Child.Me as a Child enjoyed this great day by Participating in the Cultural Programs like Singing Songs & performing the dance which explains about our Nation & our freedom fighters.Those Songs are very famous .Hope Indians may know those songs well .They are "Nee Dharmam Nee Sangam Nee Desam Nuvvu Maravaddhu" , "Nenu Naa Desam Pavithra Bharata Desam".These two songs are always highlighted the Celebration which explains all the Freedom fighters Struggling for our Country.Students disguise them well as the National leaders and perform their Characters to the Song in the Dance when the song plays. 

I remember two Characters Katta Brahmana was always performed by one Student Hemanth as he was tall and fat.Gandhiji was Performed by Savith as he uised to cut his hair to look as Gandhi.Those days are really Golden days. I post those pictures when I am back to my home place.I wish my kids also to enjoy all these.

So Indians,be proud to be an Indian & Never forget our Motherland & Respect ; try to Share your past memories with your kids as a parent and kids will enjoy .

Here is a  National Anthem video and don't forget to stand and salute to our "MATHRUBHOOMI" when you play it.

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