Friday, January 13, 2012

Pongal 2012

Pongal Festiaval is the celebration of Thanksgiving to the nature.Pongal is Celebrated for 4days in Tamilnadu as Bhogi Pongal,Surya pongal,Mattu Pongal and the Kaanuma Pongal.

In 2012,Pongal date is January 15th as it starts on 14th January with the Bhogi Pongal .January 17th  kaanuma Pongal marks the end of Pongal in Tamilnadu .

Pongal is celebrated as Makara Sankranti in other parts of South India & many parts of North India.It is known as "Lohri" festival in Haryana ,Punjab,Delhi,Himachal Pradesh and some other North Indian regions.

Pongal marks the Makara Sankramana of sun (Sun's transition in to Makara rashi or Capricorn). Makara Sankramana  Punya Snana (holy bath) are performed in holy rivers like kaveri,Pampa,& Vagai in Tamilnadu.Rameshwaram Temple & Madhurai Meenakshi temple are decked with luminous lamps to mark the beginning of holy Thai month.palani Subramanya Temple also decks up for Thai Maasam special Pujas &Thaipusam arrangements during Pongal.


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