Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Wishes Daddy!!

I wish my Dad and all the friends a Very Happy Father's Day to all.


“F” aithful.
“A” lways there.
“T” rustworthy.
“H” onoring.
“E” ver-loving.
“R” ighteous.
“S” upportive.“

Every father should remember that one day
his son /daughter will follow his example instead of his advice”

I am also one example ,in the sense of hardworking and helping to others as I follow him and the Word "Never give up your thoughts".

My blog made me the day to share all the Happy & Sorrow things .To do any aspect of life and work we use one word always "EXAMPLE".....Example is better than Perception.

My Loving and caring Father is my example in reaching my Sucess.

When I was young and studying in the College ,I used to see the news papers and T.V shows always Spl episodes and programs always being telecasting of people about Politicians,Cinema Actors/Actress, some middle class people who are good in their talent of Art work.

When I see them ,In my Mind I Felt the words"Oh!! when I get the chance to announce about My Parents".
My words came true through my Blog..........

I want to share about him today through my blog happily..........

My father's name is S.Koteswara Rao Garu.He is a Candles Business Man and a very hard worker too.
He looks simple and shows his all Affection ,Kindness ,Love towards Family and Children very well.My First Love was to My Dad!!He has three children.Two boys and one girl ,me.I love to call him Daddy than "Nanna".But while talking abouth him with others I use telugu word "Nanna".

His guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.I like his interest on Education as he was not much educated.I fulfilled his desire towards my study by completing my P.G. in Computer Sciences.He was very happy when I passed Fisrt Class with Distinction ,stood my Batch Ist in the College.Even now also I always makes myself happy about my Last Education at K.B.N P.G.College at Vijayawada.

One incident he used to say ,in my chil-hood and still now also he some times discuss when he see the school going kids.When I am 3years age and was about to start to step in the school for studies as he was not rich,he felt very bad when I didn't got school at "ATKINSON".Those days ,it was a rule that joiners should have a money lot and well educated.My father didn't have both and started my school education to "Rajasthani English Medium School".It changed me a Lot.My father also in the sense of my good education and scoring well in the subjects.When I show my Progress card he felt very happy and says Good Ma ,,I am not educated,You do well and get gud Job always he says.

I satisfied him with my studies but no job.Homemaker was a all time Job ,I feel now.I like his word calling me "Ammayi" than Divya.

As I said his caring towards family is very rich..He never used to return night home with empty hands.After closing his shop he used to bring home for his Children a variety of Fruits and especially for me ,he used to stop at the Vijaya Bakery and bought me a Cup Cakes and \variety of Chocalates.( I eat much and love it).;Badam Milk from the Ramanaiiah Cool Drink shop.I never Love him for the things he did towards me.I appreciate for having me such a great Daddy always Forever.

He always says me never speak untruth,as by doing so the pain of others how tough it will be can't tell.Since he faced by him.Even I also realy know the pain of speaking Truth/false.Best example is ,I faced a lot with my Friends .I never forget any person who met in my life either they did good/Bad .I seen few people suddenly stops talking with me ,I didn't know the reasons.If I ask also no reasons.When I said the thing happened with my Parents.They cooled me by saying "Don't forget and think for the people ,always think of You and do ur best in things,People nature is like that ,As a Human being ,we all are differs from others.But only they say me is help whom ever they be in need as I can do,respect people,share the thoughts and things.
Even I am writing here in my blog without fear why because I am saying truth and not thinking of rest.

My father don't know to cheat people as his innocence love was very pure and this shows me how rich he was.Even I had the same ,as I like to make friends,I love sharing what I can do as help.Attitude changes everything.Even we are not so rich in showing the property.By god's grace  as his daughter had him  a very good and best Daddy . His heart was pure Love ,I know and I feel .

My father knows very less in my school as he doesn't come to school.Always my mother takes care of studies and participation of programs at school.

Many situations and events at my school and college made him happy ,here I use a word "PROUD".When some parents see me at school my participation and award winning at school,friends will discuss at home about the happening.And my Dad comes to know from near by shop owners ,As their children are my class mates and friends.He never left shop and went to talk.When someone comes and starts saying about me ,I can't describe his happiness.Even me too.

I am also very happy for being such a great person me "Daddy".Last year when I was staying at my Mother-in-law's place,I went to give my kids clothes for ironing.Small incident I faced there.It was, there I saw my daddy's Candles cardboard and it was kept on the Ironing table.I asked the person hey ,why didn't throw away that "Pushyami Industries "Card as it has a Lord Hanuman what?

He replied me madam ,not for the reason ,It had a Anjaneya Swamy,I love the person Koteswara Rao garu .Tears rushed from my eyes,Heart was blew by  that words.he started saying me that when he was in need my father gave him money and saved his children and till now when he passed from my shop my daddy forget who is he but never asked about the money to return and asks about his family and give candles packet.Finally he raised a question to me why you asked about this cardboard.I said him he is my Father and I am his daughter.Won't believe he suddenly showed me a chair to sit.I got respect of him.I felt very happy .

Good things cause very happy even if we are in trouble also if we start remembering of those happenings.Two years back here in the Torrance,my father knows to one Bank employer at Vijayawada saying about him very good made me happy.But uncle's daughter never spoke or give a smile towards me even I see her at anywhere else .One more funny to me is she is my super senior at Rajasthani English Medium School.

I want to make my Father always be happy and tension free .But it can't I always think of him than my mother and my family.Tears starts flow in every aspect of work I do .I love my Father than me.

He gave me and bought up from his hands and by celebration of one grand day I am not happy.i.e;My Marraige.All the Love which I had from My Parents ,I didn't get after enetering to a new Life.Anyhow no worries I remember ,we are Human beings.Only the special talent the Human beings have is to enjoy,spoil,hate Love than excuse.

So ,I want to try and do my best in doing Job as it is my father's wish to me ,even I too also like to do Job.By education I got knowledge ,with that knowledge If I get Job,I can earn and can get things to buy myself to feel happy!!

 My parents are my Inspiration and Motivation in every good I do.They are the reasons of My happiness,but they are not the cause to my worries and troubles!!I found a change in My dad is his role changes in the relation ,I saw his behaviour and work ,Love is same eventhough he became a Father-in-Law.No demands/Commands.

Somethings which I like to do my father always says me no ,not to go,those are for learning painting,stitching clothes,knitting etc.He showed his love by saying me "After marriage automatically,you need to work a lot and hard.I will spend money and buy it for you.Don't learn as If my eyes may become tired and I need to work with my hands will pain.

Now those ineterests started me taking out after my boy goes to school.Spending on the Internet to get Ideas ,I myself learning how to beading with beads,some Acrylic painting.

Two weeks back,one sorrowful incident was My daddy's Mother was expired,(Nanamma).I love her very much.After knowing the news ,I cried and cried and when my husband was back from his office to home.He saw my eyes with red and I am still crying.He asked me do u want to call them.I rasied my voice what to do by making call.It's almost 1 day passed .

He did a call,in the phone I was crying aloud about my Nanamma,my father words till now I am always stored in mind is"Amma don't cry your kids may fear,No one is there to takecare of You,if you get sick.Nanamma became old she expired.His words made me cry more .For few days ,I didn't became normal unable to have food.All my Nanamma memories and words remembering more and more.When I am sleeping at night ,I used to cry than sleep.I had little bodyache and feverish but no help from any one  to me  here.If I am good in health,I can takecare of my kids.The words my daddy said in the phone made me to live happily was enjoy with the work I do and makes me happy.Try to forget the people who made me difficulties and troubles.Just feel as if they are my success to step and show out.really today ,to the friends to whom I went to learn something they had ,as I don't know Internet and some ideas bringing me up to enjoy.I am not waiting for the result as If I can earn or not as a Human being ,I learned it.

Finally One thing I want to say to all is either you do or not ,Love your Parents as much you can .We can't fulfill all the wishes and thoughts atleast we can show and share our respect and Love .If you love something, let it go.If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it does  not, then it was never meant to be
Daddy, I Love You For All That You Do.I’ll Kiss You And Hug You Cause You Love Me, Too

God gave me the greatest gift I ever had,God gave me a best friend in the form of my dad.
Father’s Day wishes for a dad who is one in a million. A very special day to us who always have him!!