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Aashadam Specials Event Results!!

Hi Friends,First of all I am very happy as today is Guru Purnima,Vyasa Purnima.I wish you all a very Happy Guru Purnima ,Hope you might all seen the my previous post regarding Guru Purnima.

Today,I think and feel that because of my parents and the" Guru" who taught me education and made me learning everything of my goodness,I am able to know around me and all the things.

Parents are the First Guru to me.

Coming to the results of My blog Ist event on Aashadam Specials,I announced to my torrance friends by posting it on my facebook wall,I hoped that any one may come to share about this.As,I expect that every one re very busy with their daily schedule with children and no extra time to share it through mial,or phone call.Only I got from Kalyani and later I collected from people whom I met.But I have answers for the Event!!

Thank You So much for seeing my blog and for participation.

Here it goes........

I got an e-mail posting a picture of Indian Food from one of my Friend Kalyani.Thank you Kalyani for participating and sharing the picture of your recipes.She is the first person posted to mail.

She said that ,some friends are invited to her home for lunch.On the same day she seen the Event posted by me on blog.She sent her recipes with a picture.

The recipes are Pudina Pulav,Custard,Tomato Chutney,Fried Chips.Here is the Picture.

Next coming to my searches and queries asked by me to people who I met one aunty at the Victor park she shared her views with me ,but she was very happy after hearing about my blog event regarding the Topic.When I meet her next time I ask her name and mention it.But I remember she is the mother of Sirisha.Hope Torrance friends of Anza might be known her.

Here is  her description.
  • In the month of Aashadam ,ladies will apply Mehendi leaves paste as wishing their future to be bright and good.(Muttaiduvu)
  • Four sundays of Aashadam Month Ladies will eat Munagaaku pappu.
  • During this month only Veda Vyasa Purnima,Guru Purnima,Puri Jaganath Rathayatra will be performed
  • Hyderabad/Secunderabad celebrates a Bonala Panduga.
  • Tholi ekadashi festival starts in this month indicating this is the FirstFestival.
  • Newly married Couple will not go to their In-laws place as it indicates some symbol of bad.
From my apartment,I gathered some more information from respected old Woman.I called her Mamma garu.She helps me in clearing all my doubts regarding Devotion.I feel happy to meet and known the things which even I didn't known from my parents and In-laws too.

  • Aashadam means every one says this month is not suitable for any good things to perform like Marriages,House Ceremony ,Functions etc.
  • We celebrate the Veda Vyasa Purnima in this month ,the Guru Purnima describes the relationship between the master and the disciple.
  • During this month ,newly married couple don't go to visit or stay at their in-laws place.
  • This is performed for every one by the Hindhus as a tradition.
  • Next is ladies will apply Mehendi leaves paste symbolise the Muttaiduvu.
  • During this month rains start so no one will comes out for any Function if we perform ;so says Aashadam not suits for any good thing.
  • Tholi  Ekadashi festival also comes during this month.
  • Most of the insects starts coming out from the leaves and the starts eating the green leaves etc.
  • So ,green leafy vegetables are avoided,next stomach pain comes mostly if potatoes,taro root,brinjal during this month.
  • So these are vomitted.
  • Chaturmas Vratam will starts from this month.
  • Tholi Ekadashi festival symbolizes that it is a Fisrts Festival and soon one by one the festival starts with GuruPurnima,SravanaMasam,KrishnaAstami.
  • Rakhi Purnima,Vinayaka Chavithi,Dasara,Diwali,Kartika Masam.
  • My question to her was ,why some region of people take Pelala Pindi as prasadam on Tholi ekadashi day.She explains that how the pop corn sounds likie that all the bad thoughts in our mind should be gone away ,elachi indicates the good smell and gives the flavour and the jaggery itself indicates to be sweet.
Finally ,the answer and the things what I known about this Aashadam month from my child-hood to present was.
  • Applying Mehendi leaves paste to hands and legs and comparing with friends ,saying that I get colorful husband if it gets bright and nice red color.
  • Aashadam damaka and offers will be specially given at shopping malls.Later I understood as no one comes to purchase shop owners started selling all the old stock varieties by applying discounts.
  • Also new stock for the coming Sravana Masam.
  • Tholi Ekadashi festival comes as a First festival and eating Pelala Pindi as a Prasadam.Visiting to  a temple on that day.
  • Next I known was Puri Jaganath ratha Yatra seeing on the Television Live cast.
  • Guru Purnima,Vyasa Purnima comes in this month,describes to chant/Pray to our beloved Guru with respect.
  • I believe Sri Shiridi Sai Baba as My guru and I obey him.Next is I met one Swamiji at Pileru in the year 2010 and I got Guropadesam from him on Guru purnima.He is my next Guru and I said about his teaching to some of my friends in the Torrance too.
  • On Gurupurnima day I wish him and take his blessings .
  • At vijayawada and some other temples Goddess will be decorated as  Saakhambari Avataram for 3days.
  • Devotees will bring vegetables and fruits to temple and very nice decoration is done during this Aashadam month and full rush will be at temples.
  • Today ,I decorated with few vegetables and fruits to Sri Lalitha Ammavaru and Sri Shiridi Sai baba.
  • Some more interesting things I known is newly married couple are not allowed to be with their inlaws especially daughter-in-law should not stay with her mother-in-law house  and son-in-law also.
  • Mehendi leaves paste will not show good color if a lady is applied at their Mother in laws place.I believe this as I experienced .
  • Next all the flies will be seen more during this Aashadam Month.
  • No festivals,Functions So everyone will be busy and punctual doing their daily activities with no other extra things kept in their mind.
Hope friends,the things which I am posting in this blog today you all may known .Thank You for Visiting my blog .

Here are the Photos taken by me at my home.

Finally I want to Thank You friends for your Likes and shares on my post in the Facebook.Sandy and Madhavi Suresh special thanks from me dear!!

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