Saturday, July 27, 2013

We Turned "3" It's time to Celebrate!!

I am Happy today; very soon My blog turned three years.Happy to share this news and If I start remembering my past experiences of doing my bog with present ,it changed  me a lot in  thinking and searching about what to post,specials,devotional things etc.

This work of my sharing through blog to readers,friends,bloggers ,each and every one I am thankful to you all.My forgettable experiences with my blog is comments sent by and e-mail by followers ,friends etc;improved me not to stop updates,being kept busy in doing variety of recipes and waiting for the time to post.I made few friends through my blog and they supported me.

Anyhow,as I don't know about cooking much  before,now I am good in cooking and getting new ideas in preparing the recipes.

The Caption of my blog "Flavours Of India"....impressed me a lot and so started Journey not only with the recipes and everything I known in every aspect decided to update in my blog as an Indian about the things of India what I know.

Thanks a Lot to Google Search Engines and other Service providers for making my blog to be in the search.I want to continue the Divya's Cooking Journey Further and waiting to see how it reaches and takes me.

All my Love is to  my Children,as they allowed me to sit infront of the device ,So I am able to post and today I can see a lot of content in my blog and feel very happy for the work I did.They didn't disturbed me.Even though the work is done by me ;always good support in thinking and doing everything makes us more happier than waiting for the Success or result.

Finally,I thanks a Lot to my Family members and realtives as they helped in much in sharing their stories ,morals regarding the Festivals and Devotion.Through them I came to learn a lot of Devotional Songs ,Function songs,and many things which I didn't see in any other blog those Songs.

I wish  all the best to the Blog !!Happy Blogging.

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