Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome to Share about Aashadamaasam Specials!!(My blog's 1st Event)

Hi Friends,Divya's Cooking Journey invites you all my friends,blog readers,followers each and every one who likes to see my blog to participate in an Event called "Aashadam Specials".

Nothing to worry simply you can participate this simply by sharing through your mails to divyascookingjourney blog.I include your sharings by your names.This Event is conducting why because ,when I was a non-blogger I shared my recipes through mails to some other blogs without expecting any thing from them simply sharing my things ,interests regarding to the event.

In this part,I really want to appreciate Charitha Kollipara (Jo).She is my blogger friend,later we became too close .She gave many ideas regarding the blog work.

So Friends,this is the month called "Aashadamasam" many things will be there about this month.Whatever it may be you can e-mail to special rules friends to participate like adding my link for the bloggers etc.

Feel free to mail us about your views and opinions.
My main idea was bringing the people ideas and thoughts shared by them through my blog.

One non-blogger from Tirupati her name is Sasi ,asked me can you give some space to friends like her to share in my blog.So now got an idea to help/use it like this.

But friends no competition like winners.All are well appreciated.So hurry friends to participate.Soon I post about this event on Monday (7/22/2013).Feel free.

One important thing is mention your name and mail Id properly .
This event starts from now onwards i.e;7/15/2013(Monday) to 7/17/2013.(Wednesday)

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