Friday, September 6, 2013

Home Made Ganesha !! Eco -Friendly Ganesha!!

Hi Friends,upcoming Festival is for Lord Ganesha ,Vignaraja Vinayakudu Festival Vinayaka Chavithi.Some are celebrating on Sunday or Monday depends on the area of their calendar.

Mostly in India ,people are celebrating festival on Monday i.e; on 09-Sep-2013.

I am celebrating in Torrance on Sunday i.e; on 08-Sep-2013.

So I made an Eco-Friendly Ganesha for this year Festival.I am posting the pictures ,but not taken in detail.Hope you may understand the model .

You can also click to the Links to know in detail Here and Here.

Model of Ganesha made by me and my boy 6 years Neelesh Chevuri  at Vijayawada in the Year 2012 conducted at M&M Shop ,Eco -Friendly Ganesha with Clay.

Here is the model made by me today it took 10 minutes to make the Model and decorating part depends on our interest.
 The following picture shows the items needed to make.

The below picture is of our Little Ganesha and the Little mouse for this Year Festival.

Ok Friends Hope you might enjoyed my models and If any models made by you means please be free to share your model Ganesha mad eby you or even if you purchased also.I like to see it and happily shared those picture in the blog.Thak You!!

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