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Happy Maha ShivaRatri Wishes!!

Hindus celebrate for an auspicious festival devoted to Bhagwan Shivaji and is referred as Maha-Shivaratri (Sivaratri). The name MahaShivaratri when translated to english is known as  ’Night of Shiva’. Hindus celebrate and perform most of the religious ceremonies during the nighttime.  MahaShivaratri is a Hinduism festival celebrated yearly  during the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha or Phalguna according to the Hindu calendar.

Bhagwan Shivaji, also referred as Lord Shiva was married to Parvati on the day we now call Shivaratri. This is the night when Shiva is said to have performed the Tandava or the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction. Lord Shiva’s dance and poses of Tandava have influenced positions in Yoga and the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam.

Hindus and Shivaji devotees repeat the spiritual and holy chant ’OM NAMAH SHIVAYA’. Sages and religious tradition says those who utters the various Names of Shiva during Maha Shivaratri, with perfect devotion and concentration are freed from their sins and reaches the abode of Lord Shiva and lives stress-free & happy. Many devotees and hindu pilgrims travel to historic and auspicious Shiva temples, which reside mostly in India and south asia.

Maha Shivaratri is not celebrated it's  a time of spiritual healing everywhere. 

May the Choicest Blessings of Lord Shiva shower on us always !!

Wishing you all a very Happy Maha Shiva Ratri!!

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Lord Sri Rama Song ------bhaLi bhaLi rAma pamtapu rAma

Hi friends,This song was came to know by one of my friend Sudha Rani Garu.Soon I started searching about the audio /Video  , I found it from "Srihari-Rasaanandam" album.So here I am sharing the Lyrics and the audio link.Enjoy it!!

భళి భళి రామ పంతపు రామ నీ-
బలిమి కెదురు లేరు భయహర రామా

విలువిద్య రామా వీరవిక్రమ రామ
తలకొన్నతాటకాంతక రామా
కొలయై ఖరుని తలగుండుగండ రామా
చలమరి సమరపు జయరామ రామా

రవికులరామా రావణాంతక రామ
రవిసుతముఖకపిరాజ రామ
సవర(గా కొండలచే జలధిగట్టిన రామ
జవసత్త్వసంపన్న జానకీరామా

కౌసల్యారామా కరుణానిధిరామ
భూసురవరద సంభూతరామా
వేసాల పొరలే శ్రీవేంకటాద్రిరామ
దాసులమమ్ము కావ(దలకొన్న రామా

bhaLi bhaLi rAma pamtapu rAma nI-
balimi keduru lEru bhayahara rAmA

viluvidya rAmA vIravikrama rAma
talakonnatATakAMtaka rAmA
kolayai kharuni talaguMDugaMDa rAmA
chalamari samarapu jayarAma rAmA

ravikularAmA rAvaNAMtaka rAma
ravisutamukhakapirAja rAma
savara(gA koMDalachE jaladhigaTTina rAma
javasattwasaMpanna jAnakIrAmA

kausalyArAmA karuNAnidhirAma
bhUsuravarada saMbhUtarAmA
vEsAla poralE SrIvEMkaTAdrirAma
dAsulamammu kAva(dalakonna rAmA

You can listen from : ( Copy & Paste it on your browser )

Happy Vasant Panchami!!

Vasant Panchami, the Festival of Kites, falls on Panchami of the Sukal Paksh ( Waxing moon) towards the close of winter in the month of January-February. The weather circle seems to be changing otherwise Vasant used to bring a message of softness in the weather in place of the hard cold season. Vasant is the time when mustard fields are yellow with it the spring is ushered in. So Punjabis welcome the change and celebrate the day by wearing yellow clothes, holding feasts and by organizing kite flying. 

Birthday of Goddess Saraswati:

It is believed that on this day goddess Saraswati was born. Hindus celebrate Vasant Panchami with great fervor in temples, homes and even schools and colleges. Saraswati’s favorite color white assumes special significance on this day. Statues of the goddess are dressed in white clothes and are worshiped by devotees adorning white garments. Saraswati is offered sweets which are given away as ‘prasad’ to all people attending the ritual worship. There is also a custom of ancestor worship, known as ‘Pitri-Tarpan’ in many parts of India during Vasant Panchami.

The Foundation of Education:

The most significant aspect of Vasant Panchami is that it is also the most auspicious day to begin laying one’s foundations of education – of how to read and write. Pre-school children are given their first lesson in reading and writing on this day. All Hindu educational institutions conduct special prayer for Saraswati on this day. It is also a great day to inaugurate training institutes and new schools – a trend made famous by the renowned Indian educationist Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya (1861-1946), who founded the Banaras Hindu University on Vasant Panchami day in 1916.

A Springtime Celebration:

During Vasant Panchami, the advent of spring is felt in the air as the season undergoes change. New leaves and blossoms appear in the trees with the promise of new life and hope. Vasant Panchami also announces the arrival of another big springtime event in the Hindu calendar - Holi, the festival of colors.

Saraswati Mantra: Sanskrit Prayer:

Here is the text of the popular 'pranam mantra' or Sanskrit prayer, Saraswati devotees utter with utmost devotion on this day:
Om Saraswati Mahabhagey, Vidye Kamala Lochaney |
Viswarupey Vishalakshmi, Vidyam Dehi Namohastutey ||
Jaya Jaya Devi, Charachara Sharey, Kuchayuga Shobhita, Mukta Haarey |
Vina Ranjita, Pustaka Hastey, Bhagavati Bharati Devi Namohastutey ||

Saraswati Vandana: Sanskrit Hymn:

The following hymn is also recited on Vasant Panchami:
Yaa Kundendu tushaara haaradhavalaa, Yaa shubhravastraavritha| 
Yaa veenavara dandamanditakara, Yaa shwetha padmaasana|| 
Yaa brahmaachyutha shankara prabhritibhir Devaisadaa Vanditha|
Saa Maam Paatu Saraswatee Bhagavatee Nihshesha jaadyaapahaa||

English Translation:

"May Goddess Saraswati, 
who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, 
and whose pure white garland is like frosty dew drops; 
who is adorned in radiant white attire, 
on whose beautiful arm rests the veena, 
and whose throne is a white lotus; 
who is surrounded and respected by the Gods, protect me. 
May you fully remove my lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance."

Spiritual Significance:

  Hindus all over the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm, as it is believed to be the birthday of Goddess Saraswati, the God principle of motion (gati), Who is also associated with the creation of the Universe. She is the Energy (Shakti) related to the male deity, Lord Brahma.

Rituals and Celebrations:

The most significant aspect of this day is that Hindu children are taught reading and writing their first words on this day - as it is considered an auspicious day to begin a child's education. Educational institutions organize special prayers for Saraswati on this day. The great Indian guru Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya laid the foundations of the world-class academic institution, Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya on Vasant Panchami. 

The lady of the house dressed in yellow with zari and gota on the dress, looking like Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu (a housewife is always alluded to as Lakshmi and no other goddess) with the chonp, bindi on the forehead and yellow and red bangles on the arms, sets the trend for everyone to become festive.

The puja is begun by the youngest girl present by applying the teeka on everyone's forehead and then, by turns, everyone sprinkling water, aipun and roli by the third finger of the right hand dipped in each liquid, by turn, holding the finger each time by the thumb loosely and then letting it go with a light jerk,',so as to sprinkle the attached liquid onto the deity. This is done three times with each liquid. The rice and flowers are picked up by the fingers and thumb and showered on to the gods. Everyone puts a little colour onto the gods. The heralding of summer begins with a bit of color sprinkled even today (before Holi) on the gods. The lady of the house then takes a few ber's, some sangaris and a laddoo and a paan (the same paan along with the nariyal can be given to everyone since paan is now a very expensive item) and gives them to each member present. This activity can be done in two installments as it is difficult to hold all these items at one time. The receiver takes the offerings in both hands and touches them to the giver his or her forehead and returns these items to the giver, but from the second installment, he or she must take one or two items at least and eat them in the puja room.