Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Lunch box

Friday means .. it’s very busy day to do all work & things to finish only on this day .. Run , Walk , Scream or Smile 😃 but day is busy busy !!!
So , I always skip one day to cook curry & pack lunchbox with quick & easy vegetables, adding some spices to the Basmati rice adding with a homemade Ghee for the Flavour!!

So , friends here goes the pictures of Recipe from DCJ’s Kitchen..Try it enjoy the day !!

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Have a Nice day !!

Pani puri Filling

Anytime all you can eat without any hardwork work in making of puris if available at grocery store 😊😊

Vidhya Panipuris from Patel brothers ...
Remaining all stuffing made by me kitchen ...DCJ ...😊

Most of the time I prefer to make water in my style with different variations !!
Making paste from Mintleaves+ Ginger+Greenchillies+ Tamarind extract .

Next transfer this into bowl mixing with water, salt, garam masala , black salt , coriander powder, cumin powder.

You can use a net if don't like the paste to use!!

Poke small holes , add onion pieces, boiled peas, boiled potato , then water...

Put it in  your mouth & Enjoy !!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Easy Bun Ready to Eat!!

Today’s simple & easy breakfast or time pass snack ready to eat 😊

I prepared a mixed curry with long beans, Yellow Capsicum , boiled potato by adding fresh coconut +ginger +green chilli mixture/paste by seasoning with little oil with mustard & Cumin seeds.
Finally added curry leaf powder & Sprinkled lemon juice!!

Now placed this curry in between the small buns !!😊

Apply ghee or butter to bun for children!!

Enjoy !!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Happy MahaSivaratri Wishes

Wishing you all a very Happy MahaSivaratri Festival wishes!!

Hara Hara MahaadEva
SambhO Sankara 🙏