Friday, July 30, 2010

Ravva Laddu (Sweet Sooji Balls)

This is a very simple and delicious dish to have for any Celebrations or Events.Ravva Laddu is one of the most traditional dish to prepare very simple and quick sweet .Children likes as a snack item.Here goes the Yummy Ravva Laddu description.

  • Upma ravva/Sooji ravva/ Bombay Ravva-1 cup
  • Sugar -1 cup
  • Ghee/Melted butter-3tbsp
  • Raisins-6
  • Almonds-6
  • Cashews-handful and dry nuts which u like
  • Cardamon -2
  • Grated Coconut-1 cup  (Use fresh one and raw one is preferable)
  • Heat 3tbsp of ghee and roast all the raisins,dry nuts and keep it a side.
  • In the same  pan add coconut and fry it  untill it disappears the raw smell and keep it aside.
  • In same pan add Sooji ravva and fry it untill it lasts raw smell and turns golden color.
  • Put sugar,cardamon powder in rava and fry it for 10 min and add fried coconut and mix up well with a spatula.
  • Fry ravva mix in lowflame ,untill it becomes little thick.
  • Consistency should be thick to form a shape and add fried nuts.
  • Make Lemon balls size by adding a little ghee to each laddu while making it so that the ball holds on tight.
  • Tasty sweet Ravva laddu is ready to serve.

Sending this recipe to Food Palette Series White  hosted by Akheela.

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