Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Lunch box

Friday means .. it’s very busy day to do all work & things to finish only on this day .. Run , Walk , Scream or Smile 😃 but day is busy busy !!!
So , I always skip one day to cook curry & pack lunchbox with quick & easy vegetables, adding some spices to the Basmati rice adding with a homemade Ghee for the Flavour!!

So , friends here goes the pictures of Recipe from DCJ’s Kitchen..Try it enjoy the day !!

Share it if you Really Like it !!

Have a Nice day !!

Pani puri Filling

Anytime all you can eat without any hardwork work in making of puris if available at grocery store 😊😊

Vidhya Panipuris from Patel brothers ...
Remaining all stuffing made by me kitchen ...DCJ ...😊

Most of the time I prefer to make water in my style with different variations !!
Making paste from Mintleaves+ Ginger+Greenchillies+ Tamarind extract .

Next transfer this into bowl mixing with water, salt, garam masala , black salt , coriander powder, cumin powder.

You can use a net if don't like the paste to use!!

Poke small holes , add onion pieces, boiled peas, boiled potato , then water...

Put it in  your mouth & Enjoy !!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Easy Bun Ready to Eat!!

Today’s simple & easy breakfast or time pass snack ready to eat 😊

I prepared a mixed curry with long beans, Yellow Capsicum , boiled potato by adding fresh coconut +ginger +green chilli mixture/paste by seasoning with little oil with mustard & Cumin seeds.
Finally added curry leaf powder & Sprinkled lemon juice!!

Now placed this curry in between the small buns !!😊

Apply ghee or butter to bun for children!!

Enjoy !!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Happy MahaSivaratri Wishes

Wishing you all a very Happy MahaSivaratri Festival wishes!!

Hara Hara MahaadEva
SambhO Sankara 🙏

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Baby Potato & Spring Onion Rice /Pulav

Baby Potato & Spring Onions Rice / Pulav

Preparation of Recipe :

-Clean the Basmati Rice of your Choice, drain the water & keep it aside.

-Now take a small pressure cooker or pan add little Olive oil & heat it.

- Add Chopped Spring onions, Baby potato cutted in to 4 pieces along with skin .( Don't peel the skin)

-Let them Saute well .Add Green chillies Sliced , cloves, cinnamom stick, StarAnise, fry it .

-Add Ginger & Garlic Paste & fry it till it leaves raw smell , add fresh mint leaves.

-Now add frozen peas to this & now add the cleaned Rice Mix well .

-Add water now accordingly to your taken ratio of Rice .(For spl rice decrease water )

-Add Salt to taste.

-Cook it by closing lid or by allowing 3-4 Whistles.

- Once the pressures releases open the lid mix well .

- Serve it by taking into a bowl .

This rice goes well with any variety of Raita .
I added a pinch of Fenugreek powder to my prepared Raita!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

మాతృభాష దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు

అమ్మ నుంచే మన అమ్మ భాష
ఆటలతో ఆనందభాష్పాలు
ఇక్కడ మాటల నేర్పును
ఈశ్వరునికి అక్షరాల మాల చేకూర్చును
ఉగ్గు పెడుతూ ఊయల పాటల భాష
ఊరిస్తూ ఊసులు ఊపే ఉయ్యాల జంపాలలో రాగాలు దీర్ఘాలను తక్షణమే
ఋణం తీర్చుకునేందుకు అమ్మభాషను
ఎప్పుడెప్పుడు నేర్చుకుందామా
ఏనుగు ఆటలు ఆడుతూ
ఐక్యమత్యంగా మన "మాతృభాష "ను
ఒకరికొకరు పంచుకుంటూ
ఓనమాలు దిద్దుతూ
ఔన్నత్యాన్ని పెంచుకుంటూ
అందరమూ గర్వించేలా , అభినందించేలా మన మాతృభాష అద్భుత:
అంటూ మాతృ భాష దినోత్సవం శుభాకాంక్షలను మన అమ్మ నేర్పిన కమ్మని భాషలో తెలుపుకుందాము !!

-దివ్య చేవూరి
లిటిల్ ఎల్మ్ , టెక్సాస్