Saturday, September 25, 2010

Undralla Thaddi 2010 ~ Vundralla Thaddhe Gauri Puja

Undralla Thaddi or Vundralla Thadiya is a Festival Celebrated in South India,especially in Andhra Pradesh.It is observed on the third day in Krishna Paksha,the Second half,during Bhadrapada masam.Undralla Thaddi 2010 date is on September 26 th Sunday.This Festival is dedicated to Goddess Gauri,who is considered as the favourite deity for married Women.On Undralla Thaddi,Telugu women observe Gauri Vratam.The day before who follows to observe this Undralla Thadde ,that woman distribute five married ladies (Muttiduvulu) by giving them Mehendi paste (Gorintaaku muddha),Turmeric & KumKum (Pasupu ,Kumkum),soap nuts (Kumkudukayalu),Sesame oil (Nuvvula nooney) and invites them to her home for taking Tambulaam.The importance of this festival is apply Mehendi and color hands, have food in the early hours (Tellavaaru Jaamu),after that ladies swings on a swing seat.Girls those who are not Married ,compulsory folow this festival to apply mehendi,and eat food and use to check the color of hands.There is also a myth used to say that ,"A girl hand appearing nice red color,goes to get marry with handsome husband".I remember ,this since from my Child-hood as If my Mom used to make me to follow.

Gauri Puja- Undralla Thaddi Gowri Vratham:

Married Women perform Gauri Puja on Undralla Thaddi.A simple pooja procedure is followed for Gauri Puja during Vundralla Thadiya.Goddess Gauri idol made of turmeric is invoked in a sanctified place and offered puja.Ganapati puja is performed first and then Gauri puja is done.

Gauri Puja Procedure - How to do Undralla Thadiya Gauri Pooja:

Gauri Pooja on Undralla Thadde involves very simple steps.Goddess Gauri idol (Gauramma) is invoked on a fresh cloth.Shuddoka snanam - bath is offered with water to Gauramma.Panchamtria Snanam,bath with the combination of Milk,Yogurt,Curd,Honey and Ghee is offered to Devi.After Panchamrutha snanam once again the bath with water is offered to Gouri.

Abhishekam with Flowers is performed.Turmeric powder,Vermilion powder (Sindhoor) and Akshintalu are showered on Gauri.Women prayed to the Goddess and Aarti is performed to the Goddess.During the pooja simple stotras of Goddess Gauri are chanted.After the Aarti, Naivedyam is Offered to the Goddess.

On Undralla Thaddi ,the most important recipe is Undrallu.Undrallu are small dough balls made of rice ravva (Biyyamu ravva).Undrallu is a favourite dish to Lord Ganapati.along with Undrallu several sweet recipes and fruits are also offered to the Goddess.After Naivedyam,Theertham and prasadam are distributes among the devotees.


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