Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6th day Naivedyam to Mahasaraswati Devi

Image source:Vijayawada KanakaDurga Temple

The sixth day is dedicated to Goddess Sri Mahasaraswati,who gives and bless to attain good wisdom and Knowledge.During the Navaratri,on Moola Nakshatra (Birthstar) this Saraswati alamkaram is performed at VijayawadaKanakaDurga temple.Moola nakshatram is the most auspicious nakshatram for Saraswati Pooja. It is also considered as the Janma Nakshatram of Saraswati Devi, Goddess of learning and knowledge. Moola Nakshatra Swaraswati Puja during Navratri 2010 date is October 13th, Wednesday. It is even more auspicious as Wednesday is the auspicious day to worship Goddess Saraswati. It falls on Durga Sashti during Navratras in 2010.

In 2010, the next day of Moola Nakshatra Pustaka roopini Puja, Saraswati Triratra Vratam or Saraswati Puja starts.Moola Nakshatra Puja is most famous and most crowd-pulling Navaratri puja in Vijayawada Kanakadurga Temple.On this day,people rush for Darshan to gain her blessings in the early hours.Each and every studying Children comes today to see her;As if,Saraswati is the Goddessof learning.We observe her sitting on a Peacock as his Vehicle.(Hamsa Vaahanam) and Catching Veena(Plucked stringed Instrument) in her hand.We observe Goddess wearing swethambaram ( white colored Saree).If you read or  follow Children to read  this Sloka today is auspicious.

In 2005,during this day on Moola Nakshatram,I was walking in a line and it took 5hrs for me to complete the darshan &; on the same  day Mr.Pradeep Garu(My Husband) who was going to marry me came with his Mom to my place to see me  and I made them waiting.This is my memorable moment for Navaratri time on this day.So I wish all the parents make to learn kids by reading the Following Sloka ,which was written by Sage Agastya.I used to chant this slokam regularly when I was studying my Msc.ComputerScience.Now after coming to California ,I learned Dwadasa naama Stotram and reading daily.Here goes the way how to read.

So friends and readers ,here goes the Naivedyam / Prasadam for the Day.
  • Atukulu (Thin / Thick Poha)              
  • Bellamu / Jaggery
  • Senagapappu / Chickpeas
  • EnduKobbari / Dry Coconut

I remember when I was studying in school days ,there is a line said in Telugu i.e;

Ayyavariki Chaalu Ayidu Varahaalu
Pillavaandraku Chaalu Pappu Bellalu.

I wish You all to get the Blessings from Mahasaraswati Devi.

  • In India,we find "Saraswati lehyam" ,as this would help the small kids to speak fluently.

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