Monday, October 11, 2010

Lalitha Ammavari Song ( In telugu)

Hi Friends,I like songs to learn and sing.When I was at the age 9years ,My mom used to send me to Music classes to learn and even I learned a lot of devotional songs at my Home palce Vijayawada in my childhood days.I used to listen carefully to the ladies who sings songs during the ocassions &; festival times and grasp their lyrics and used to practise the song perfectly.Completing my studies and after entering to the Married life; as usual I did my daily Pooja and started following to sing my daily pooja songs & also the songs sung by my Mother-in-Law.She shared some of her songs with me to post in my blog.I thanks to my Mother-in-law and this may help you to learn and practise the song to sing for your pooja time.I read Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam and Pooja on Sunday(10/10/2010) on the behalf of Navaratri and the friends who came to read the Sahasranamam,they liked the following song very much.Here goes the song.

Amma Nee Kidey Paada Pooja
Lalithamma Kidey Pooja Paada Pooja
Manchimanasutho Chesey Mallelapooja

Kalakaalam Amma Kidey Kanakaambara Pooja
Cheyuvadalaraadani Cheymanthula Pooja
Dayathalachey Tallikidey Dhavanapu Pooja
Mahaameru Nilayiniki Mandharaala Pooja..(2times)||Amma||
Gudilona Tallikidey Gulaabila Pooja
Sakalaroopa Dhaarinikidey Sampemgala Pooja
Mangala Dhaayinikidey Maalatheelapooja
Bhakthulabrochey Tallikidey Bhantipoola Pooja..(2times)||Amma||

LeelaVinodhiniki Lillypoola pooja
Kanuvindula Cheyseti Kamalaalapooja
Digivachina Maathakidey Deepala Pooja
Jaaligalathallikidey Jaajula pooja..Sannajaajula pooja||Amma||

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