Monday, November 15, 2010

Children's Day

On November 14th , in India and many parts ,the day is very important for the Children & is Celebrated as "Children's Day" on the basis of Jawaharlal Nehru's Birthday and he is well known us all as  "Cha Cha Nehru".This day pays tribute to Nehru's love & passion for children.

This days marks as a very important to every Children and each & every child enjoys their roles in different activities like singing,dancing,painting ,Elocution competitions etc according to their age level.I have passed my child-hood days & Celebrations at my Education during this day.Now It was the time of My kid to know about all the festivals and celebrations .As we are Living in the Torrance (C.A) ,my boy does not know any National Festivals & Celebrations being done at India.So to know him about all the Important days ,I am trying my best and explaining the Importance & the History  based on my past Knowledge at the time of my School & College Education & How I participated in School Programs .I am feeling happy with my Kid for this Children's Day because While I am telling the story about "Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru " and the Tradition of Children for this day,he immediately asked me to dress himself as a "Nehru" when he saw the School children dressed Like Nehru.Really Felt great for his thought.I dressed him like "Chacha " & I always like  to follow Indian Tradition  & National Festivals from my  child-hood & many doubts have being asked to my Mother to explain.Again with my 3yrs boy ,I am enjoying these days by remembering & sharing with him and with all of You.So ,here goes my Cute Boy photos on Children's Day.

I'm  a Little Chacha


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