Monday, November 1, 2010


 Living in U.S  I am able to Know here,how the People & Kids Celebrate this Halloween Festival with great Enthusiasm & Zeal .Sunday night all the streets are being crowded with kids carrying their Pumpkin baskets  going to the door-to -door of houses and knocking the door for Trick-or Treat !! --
                            "Trick or Treat ,Smell my Feet
                              Give me something good to eat!!"

 and getting various Candies and Gifts.Last year ,my kid was small ,not knowing about this Festival.This year 2010 Halloween ,he was little grown up and have been going to Pre-School,he understood little bit about the theme.He enjoyed a lot at his school on Friday (29th October 2010)   dressed in Pirate Costume & also with his friends disguised in Various Costumes for the Halloween Festival.My kid was studying in the Maricopa Pre-school.The School director organized a small Parade for the Halloween to kids and took all the Kids to a near by Homage .(Golden-West Towers)
There all the kids had Fun and had as many Candies they want from the Old Men & Women.Once they completed the parade,in the school premises too kids had fun by breaking the  "Candy Basket" decorated and hanged to the tree.Each and every kid in the school had a turn to break the Candy basket and atlast when the basket was broken by the kid,all the Candies and gifts inside it was thrown on the ground and it was left to all the kids.All kids was very happy and busy in collecting their stuff and checking with their friends as if how many they got.Not only the kids were busy,even all Mommies was also being made busy in taking the snaps of kids for the day.After Completing the Halloween Celebration in the school.On Sunday night (October 31,2010) ,me and my kid went from house to house for Trick - or -Treat and had fun by getting the Candies and filling the basket very soon.My boy scared to enter some haunted decoration houses.
My kid enjoyed collecting the Candies and distributing them to some of his friends and kids those who came to my house.This year Halloween festival had a great fun to both of us  & made me thinking of "How it would be? if this Festival was followed in India ." And also felt happy for getting a nice compliments to my kid for being well-dressed in his Costume.So ,Friends Hope you all enjoy My Kid  Photos of Halloween Festival.

Happy Halloween!!


Door Mat

BOO.......!!! From inside the Window

Basket full of Pumpkins
The following snaps are the Celebrations from his School.

Hello!! I'm the Pirate.

With All of My Friends.

Halloween Parade

Lovely Kisses from Old Lady.

Hurrah!!! I filled my bag with full of Candies....

It's my Turn to hit the Candy bag.

With My Class Teacher

Trick-or-Treat from My Miss.
The Night  I had a Trick like this

Standing like a Ghost.


Go Away!!



Welcomed me ...

Bye Bye .....


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