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Happy Sankranthi ~ Ariselu

Sankranthi Subhakaankshalu

Happy Pongal Wishes.

Ariselu is one of the traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh,which is originated from South a part of Andhra.Usually this sweet is made for Marriages and Festivals.At the time of Kaartikamasam also for the Kedareshwara swamy Vratam,offered this item for Naivedyam and sure this dish is made during "Makara Sankranthi" Festival as it is the right time for the new harvest to the farmers.Every women in the house seems being busy to cook this sweet with the help of servants or by their neighbours.The traditional way of making this delicious sweet takes for 2days.One day for soaking the rice in water for overnight and the second day for blending the powder and preparing the syrup for the dough to make Ariselu.

Son-in-Laws arrive to In-Laws home for this Big festival and they are tasted with this special item and Festival gifts.In India,some people distribute this sweet for the Kid's First Birthday time as a variety describing that "Adugulaki Ariselu" (as the infant started foot steps) and allow the kid to walk on this sweet item as a tradition too.I came to know this at the time of my kid Neelesh 1st Birthday. Also prepared at the time of Marriage Function & Baby shower time. 

One important thing is Old rice for rice flour will give a good result than the New rice ,it becomes hard.Regarding this delicious sweet ,I recollected some beautiful Child-hood memories as kid.I used to go to my grandparents home for each and every festival along with my Mother and there would be a big family gatherings.I remember whenever the ariselu are made,my grandma used to soak the rice for whole night and she wake up early in the morning to blend the rice.Now a days ,powders are easily prepared by using the Mixy jars and blenders.Those days ,people use their own energy and prepare the powder in the Stone Pestle.Really it was very hard ,as I experinced it by put my hand to the pestle for only 2times along with my grandma and use to go for play.Once after cooking these ariselu another work was to press them with an special instrument to drain all the excess oil/ghee from it. Frying them in the Ghee known as a "Nethi Ariselu"We all the kids ,use to play and enjoy all the festival items made by my Grandma.Me,while returning back to home ,I used to pack more ariselu than other kids.I like this sweet Very much especially made by my Lovely Grand Mother.She also says that the "Beauty of the dough can be stored and used whenever we want" also known as "Chalimidi".

Those who have no time ,can choose an option from purchasing from the Sweet shop and enjoy the Festival Sweet.So, friends with a tough work for this Sankranthi I prepared these Ariselu following the Instructions given by my Mother.I felt little harder making the sweet alone but was Yummy.Here goes the recipe

  • Rice- 2cups
  • Jaggery(grated)/Sugar- 2cups
  • Coconut grated-1/2 cup or 1cup cubed and shallow fried coconut pieces  (optional)
  • Water-3 cups approximately
  • Ghee-2tbsp
  • Sesame seeds or Poppy seeds-2tbsp
  • Oil /Ghee for deep frying
  • Also keep excess flour
  • Plantain leaf/Ziploc bag/parchment cooking paper -to press the balls
  • Wash and soak the rice in water over night for 7-8 hrs.
  • Drain the rice and dry the rice on a cotton cloth,so that the cloth will absorb any remaining water.
  • Make a fine powder out of this rice,sieve the rice powder and if desire grind once again and make a very  fine powder.And take this flour in to a bowl and cover with a lid and set it aside.
  • This powder should be little wet and don't leave it dry.
  • Now make a Jaggery/Sugar syrup in a vessel by adding water just to cover the jaggery under a flame and start boiling.When the syrup is made remove from the heat and strain to remove if any dirt in the Jaggery.
  • Bring back to heat and boil it in to a low flame till it becomes like a thick syrup.
  • To check the syrup consistency,take a half cup water and leave a drop of syrup and check that should become like a lump.
  • Then add rice flour,Coconut and Sesame or Poppy seeds and stir well to avoid lumps.
  • The texture should come somewhat like a soft Chapati dough.
  • If you think the mixture is semi-solid,add some rice flour.
  • Remove from the heat and add little ghee to make a softy dough.
  • Cover with a lid and cool it for few seconds ,it means the dough should be able to touch with your hands to make balls.
  • Apply Oil/ghee to your hand and surface of the Plantainleaf or polythene sheet and put one dough on it and press to form a circle.(It should be thicker)
  • Heat oil/ghee in a pan and meanwhile prepare the circle shapes from the remaining dough.
  • Drop them in to oil and fry under a lowflame till light brown and Fry one at a time.
  • After the discs turn golden color,remove the discs,and press hardly between two laddles to squeeze extra oil/ghee.(Normally ariselu absorbs oil/ghee when fried)
  • Spread them in abig plate to cool.After they become cool store them in an air-tight container.
  • Serve this special delicious yummy Ariselu for the guests and friends in a plate and Enjoy!!!
  • You can store and use the dough whenever you want and If it becomes too hard ,just add about 2tsp of water along with the 2tsp of sugar and boil.
  • You can add sesame or poppy seeds along with the flour or sprinkle it after making the circles from the balls.
  • Don't make  the circles thin,it will be crispy.Make thicker to taste soft and crunchy.

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