Friday, March 25, 2011

Mixed Nut Brittle

This is  one kind of a  perfect crisp nutty brittle for a crunchy munchy sweet treat ,attracted by kids.Any one cant miss eating of this brittle in their child-hood.Beauty of the sweet lies in the uneven peaks and lows made by haphazardly placed nuts.You can also make this sweet by using Jaggery syrup with the desired Nuts.

  • Sugar-250 gms
  • Water-2
  • Oil-1tbsp
  • Poppy seeds-2tbsp
  • Green Elachi-2 to 4 no Powdered
  • Sliced dry fruits- a small cup (Almonds,Cashews, Unsalted Pistachio,Dried Coconut and Dried Dates)
  • Slice all the dry fruits and mix them well and keep aside.
  • Rinse the poppy seeds with hot water for couple of times to remove the soluble dirt and strain it with the tea strainer.
  • Drain it on kitchen towel to get rid off excess moisture.
  • Now take a steel plate on its back or the kitchen platform surface.Grease it well with oil.
  • Now in a thick bottom pan or in an Iron wok,mix sugar,water/Oil,Elachi powder and mix well.Keep the flame in medium.
  • Keep stirring the mixture,make sure not to form nasty lumps of sugar are present.Break them if any found with the spatula.
  • As soon as the sugar melts,add the strained poppy seeds.
  • Now depending on how chewy or how  crispy /hard you want your brittle to be.Switch off the flame,when the color of the sugar syrup changes to preferred color.
  • Immediately put all the above sliced nuts and mix well.(You have to do this quickly otherwise there wont be even distribution of nuts)
  • Spread the mixture on a greased surface .Using the back of plate helps to tap the plate and to adjust to get rid of any tiny bubbles in the mixture.
  • Tilt the plate to spread the mixture without touching with the hand or surface.
  • Let it be cooled down and break in to pieces when it is not completely hard.
  • Store it in an air-tight container and it can last as long as few weeks to couple of months.
  • Do not overcook the sugar syrup,it makes bright color and taste the syrup bitter.
  • By touching the surface of the mixture to spread make it lose its glaze or shine.
  • Use some pestle like tool,gently break the brittle in to large pieces ,once it is perfectly hard.


  1. wow good divya..chala yrs ayindi chesi peanut mitayi edo antaru kada..baga gurthu..malli patha rojulu gurthuchesao..india vellaka chestanu ...

  2. delicious looks wonderful with the mixture of nuts

  3. Wow that's soo fantastic...yummy!

  4. looks delicious! children would love to have it...


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