Monday, April 11, 2011

Paakam Chalimidi

 Paakam Chalimidi is mainly prepared in India mainly for some occasions like Mariage, Baby Shower Functions and it is a traditional sweet item also to some families as they cook it before day and says to sleep in the home for the Night and given to the daughters in the form of small balls after the Marriage while sending to their Mother-in -Law's home and also followed to continue this way when the daughter is blessed with a Baby and returning to their home with a baby .

For the sankranti Festival,this is prepared and fried in the oil to make Ariselu.


  • Rice -1cup
  • Grated Jaggery/Sugar-1cup
  • Coconut pieces/Grated coconut-1cup
  • Poppy Seeds-4tbsp
  • Ghee -4tbsp
  • Elachipowder-1tbsp
  • Soak the rice in water for 2hrs.Drain all the water and grind finely.
  • Sieve to get very fine rice flour.
  • Fry the poppy seeds without ghee until turns to light brown with nice aroma.
  • Fry coconut pieces with a little ghee until they turn to light brown color.
  • Now take a vessel ,add sugar/Jaggery ,add little water to cover the jaggery/sugar and make a thick syrup.
  • To test this syrup,take a little syrup and drop in water ,it should form like a ball.
  • If you make ball out of taht from water ,this is called thick syrup (Mudarapaakam)
  • Off the stove and add the wet rice flour little by little while mixing thoroughly to avoid lumps.Then add the remained ghee,coconut pieces,fried poppy seeds and the Elachi powder.

  • Mix thoroughly and cover with lid.
  • When it will be cool down,make ballsand store ina dry container .

  • You can store for 1 month.
  • If you press and deep fry them either in Oil/Ghee makes you ariselu.


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