Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Minapa Sunnundalu ~ Urad dal Laddoo

Minapa Sunundalu is a very famous classic traditional sweet of Andhra.This is an quick and simple sweet item prepared and can also be offered as a "Naivedyam/Prasadam" to the God.

Hope all the Ladies from Andhra may compulsory be known it as this sweet item plays an important role at the time of "BabyShower "(Seemantham) Function.It is prepared for the Pregnant Ladies by their Mother ,Mother-In-Laws or elders as it has a lot of health benefits and  "It is good for backbone" during pregnancy .This sweet preparation is very easy with three ingredients i.e;Urad dal,ghee & Sugar.The ingredients shows the health benefits in this way as the Urad dal gives protein,Ghee has the fat content is good for the growth of the fetus and the growing kids.By knowing these health benifits automatically a pregnant lady shows interest towards this recipe.Not only for the Pregnant Women ,often giving to kids is also good and healthy.

This is one of my favourite sweet from my childhood which is often prepared by my mom & Grandmother.They both prepares this sweet very well.

My mom made this delicacy for me on  my   Baby Shower . My Mom made a habbit  to eat daily one or two regularly for my whole pregnancy .As I like this sweet item very much and knowing the health benefits ,used to enjoy it.

In the U.S,I tried many times eating at Indian Sweet shops but I was not satisfied with the taste.Today I tempted to eat this sweet again soon collected the way of preparation from my Mom and tried it.It came superb and felt happy for the good taste.So friends,here goes the recipe.

Try it and offer this sweet to your friends those who are pregnant really they feel very happy by seeing and finishes soon.

  • Minapappu/Urad dal/Black gram-2cups (without husk)
  • Sugar Powder-1 1/4 cup
  • Ghee-3/4th cup
  • Raw rice-2tbsp (optional)
  • In a heavy bottomed pan roast the Urad dal on medium low heat stirring it continuously.
  • The dal will slowly turn in to red color and releases nice aroma.
  • Remove from the flame and transfer this dal in to a bowl and let it cool.
  • Now add the raw rice and roast it;let it cool.
  • Take a mixy jar,add these roasted dal & rice .
  • Grind it to form a fine powder.
  • The powder texture should be like sand.
  • Melt the Ghee.
  • Take a bowl,add the grinded powder,sugar and mix well.
  • Now add the ghee slowly to the powder and make a fine balls from these mixture.
  • Transfer the prepared Laddoos in to a container and store it.
  • Serve it and enjoy !!!

  • You can store the Powdered mixture of rice & dal in an air-tight container for 1to 2 months.Mix ghee and make balls whenever required.
  • A combination of Jaggery and Sugar or only with the Jaggery also be made.
  • Seive the Powder after grinding to avoid the garnules.
  • Adding of raw rice do not stick while eating.


  1. Wow...yummy and delicious...

  2. looks healthy and delicious dear :)

  3. Delicious looking Urad Dal Ladoo. They are nutritious and healthy to eat.

  4. Very truly stated that Sunnundalu are the best dish for pregnant women. Looks so healthy and tasty.


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