Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good and Very Happy to View My Blog in Top 40 Hindu Blogs!!

Hi Friends,I am very Happy to find my blog name in the

I Thanks to the Kyle Tortora,Founder Lotus Sculpture.

When I started this Cooking Blog day by day the posts I edited was about recipes and later started thought of posting of my religion and Hindu .I never expected ,whether people like/dislike to see and follow.I notice one friend and follower divya; she responds quickly with her comment as soon as I update.Thank You divya for your comments and compliments dear!!

One more thing I want to share as everyone today are in touch with Facebook than anyother thing.Because people are mostly communication through this only as I feel.Even I too.Yesterday I saw one Murugan Post on Facebook posted by my uncle.I also shared and liked with belief and faith as I previously succeeded in things after praying him.Many posts will be seen on Facebook ,but only the really liked and useful posts only I usually share on my Wall.Every success there will be onething to reach ;Today I felt that Murugan helped me in the form of taking my blog in noticing Top 40 Hindu Blogs!! Thank You God.

Here goes the God Picture..

Really proved ,When people cannot stand you because they do not understand you,God will stand by you.

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