Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

Have a fun-filled Birthday!

Hi Friends,Today is the day of completing one year of starting my Blog.I am feeling so happy as unknowingly turned the days with my recipes and daily posting everything in the blog which I tried by my own and some of them when I known from others.For every Success there will be something as a back for it;mean  hardwork not only this good support also should be needed.For my blog I appreciate my 4yr boy as he allows me to post the content in my blog and asks me Mom are you doing "divyascookingjourney".

Before my Marriage ,I dont know how to prepare the recipes simply enjoying the Food prepared by my mother.After entering into married life slowly started cooking knowing the method from my mother and daily started as an experiment in the kitchen. 

After coming to the U.S,with all my past experiences ,I started sharing through my blog.

I want to say Thank you to each and every one to all my Blog friends ,Friends,Readers,Followers for seeing my blog and posting the Valuable comments after seeing the post.

The thought of running the blog was by one of my friend Madhavi.She asks me to share my recipes by mail.When my boy slept for a while ,I used to share all my recipes by mail.Oneday on our conversation,she explained about her blog and I started thinking of why Can't I try and put all the things which I knows in my Blog and wanted to share.Slowly improved and started it as a part of my daily work & posting whenever the time permits.The day when I started the blog I thought myself as does any one see my blog.Within a very few days,I got followers sended their valuable comments and Suggestions through mails.Felt very happy and I noticed that for every work we do we can enjoy its result and happiness.

So friends,Once again I want to say Thank you for all you for seeing My Blog .


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