Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Baby Potato & Spring Onion Rice /Pulav

Baby Potato & Spring Onions Rice / Pulav

Preparation of Recipe :

-Clean the Basmati Rice of your Choice, drain the water & keep it aside.

-Now take a small pressure cooker or pan add little Olive oil & heat it.

- Add Chopped Spring onions, Baby potato cutted in to 4 pieces along with skin .( Don't peel the skin)

-Let them Saute well .Add Green chillies Sliced , cloves, cinnamom stick, StarAnise, fry it .

-Add Ginger & Garlic Paste & fry it till it leaves raw smell , add fresh mint leaves.

-Now add frozen peas to this & now add the cleaned Rice Mix well .

-Add water now accordingly to your taken ratio of Rice .(For spl rice decrease water )

-Add Salt to taste.

-Cook it by closing lid or by allowing 3-4 Whistles.

- Once the pressures releases open the lid mix well .

- Serve it by taking into a bowl .

This rice goes well with any variety of Raita .
I added a pinch of Fenugreek powder to my prepared Raita!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

మాతృభాష దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు

అమ్మ నుంచే మన అమ్మ భాష
ఆటలతో ఆనందభాష్పాలు
ఇక్కడ మాటల నేర్పును
ఈశ్వరునికి అక్షరాల మాల చేకూర్చును
ఉగ్గు పెడుతూ ఊయల పాటల భాష
ఊరిస్తూ ఊసులు ఊపే ఉయ్యాల జంపాలలో రాగాలు దీర్ఘాలను తక్షణమే
ఋణం తీర్చుకునేందుకు అమ్మభాషను
ఎప్పుడెప్పుడు నేర్చుకుందామా
ఏనుగు ఆటలు ఆడుతూ
ఐక్యమత్యంగా మన "మాతృభాష "ను
ఒకరికొకరు పంచుకుంటూ
ఓనమాలు దిద్దుతూ
ఔన్నత్యాన్ని పెంచుకుంటూ
అందరమూ గర్వించేలా , అభినందించేలా మన మాతృభాష అద్భుత:
అంటూ మాతృ భాష దినోత్సవం శుభాకాంక్షలను మన అమ్మ నేర్పిన కమ్మని భాషలో తెలుపుకుందాము !!

-దివ్య చేవూరి
లిటిల్ ఎల్మ్ , టెక్సాస్

Friday, February 15, 2019

Salad Dressing For Bread or Burger!!

Simple & very easy to have at anytime with some chopped lettuce, tomatoes,grated carrots , & some olives.Sprinkled with favourite Ranches , Mix it well.
Tasty Salad is ready !!

Gooseberry Cilantro Chutney

Today's recipe is Gooseberry Chutney.

Very simple &Tasty recipe can be eaten along with rice or year along only except on Sunday, according to our elders , traditions.

Coming to the recipe we need Indian gooseberries , I prefered of frozen slices of Amla .

Heat oil in a pan add Dry redchillies , greenchillies CuminSeeds , fry it .
Later add the Amla pieces let it cook for a while .
Keep it aside , now add some fresh coriander in the same pan just fry for 2 seconds .
Now transfer all the fried redchillies, Cuminseeds, Coriander little Salt into a Mixy jar &blend it .
Finally add the Amla pieces with some Turmeric , turn on the mixy jar into smooth paste & leave some Amla pieces crushed !!

Add seasoning to the prepared Chutney & serve it steamed rice aling with Ghee!!
 Very Yummy 😊

Store it in the Glass container , keep in the refrigerator !!

My Thoughts & Quotes

Hello all, Today my mind was thinking of what to do when there is nothing in our hands during any hurdles or sometimes the situations may be worst , can't argue with a lier because they can trust only on their lies ...Finally I got these below words !!