Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awards Galore

Thank you so much Charitha for sharing these wonderful awards with me.Charitha from Womens Era2008 passed these awards to me.She is such a wonderful blogger with variety of delicious recipes in her blog.Not only recipes friends ,we can see the varieties of her "Collections" in dresses & Jewelleries.Any visitor for her blog is easy accessible and like visit her blog women Era2008.

Rules to claim and share these awards :

Thank and Link the blogger who has given you the award.

Copy and paste the Logo in your blog.

Nominate 15 or more than 15 other Great Bloggers with their names and links of their blogsComment and let them know of the award

As per rules I want to share these awards with my fellow bloggers (Budding bloggers).

I am passing on this AWARD GALORE to some of my blogger friends and budding bloggers. Please collect the awards and don't forget to thank all those who have passed on these lovely awards .

I would like to share all these awards to :

  1. Madhavi from madhukitchen
  2. Bindu from bindukitchen
  3. Vineela from vineelasiva
  4. Krishna veni  Nalka from ruchiruchiadige
  5. Srinithya Lahari V from andhra ruchulu
  6. Gayathri Kumar from Gayathri's Cook Spot
  7. Seetha from My Recipe
  8. Sanyukta Gour from creativesanyukta
  9. Uma Ramana from gruhinii                     
  10. Srivalli from spice your life
  11. Torview from torviewtoronto
  12. Suvidha from suvidhaskitchen
  13. Smita from tastebuds1
  14. Deeksha from deeskitchen-deeksha
Kindly Collect these awards do share with your blogger friends.


  1. thank you for sharing will post in my awards page
    congrats on the well deserved awards

  2. Congrats..:)
    Thanks for sharing the awards...

  3. Thanks a lot!! Came here to pass the same award to u and saw my blog name!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the award!!

  5. Thanks Divya for sharing the award.........


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